Saturday, April 24, 2010

NOTD: Lava Lamp Water Marble + Tutorial

Ready for summer?  This mani will get you in the mood if you're not already LOL, these colors are really eye-popping.  I used China Glaze Solar Power & Orange Marmalade for this water marble.  I was lucky enough to come across some pansies that matched exactly so of course I took advantage & really like how those pics turned out:

Here is the tutorial:

The challenge is keeping the pattern straight in the water, and then getting it straight on your nail.  My favorites are my pinkies & ring fingers, and my left thumb.

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  1. You are awesome!!! Thanks for the video!! Love the pictures with the flowers :)

  2. Great marble and tutorial, as usual. :)

  3. WOW, you're the master of marble<3 Gorgeous marbling indeed!

  4. OMG Colette! This is amazing gorgeous!

  5. You're an artist!That looks amazing, now I wish I tried this before removing my nail extensions:(.

  6. You are awesome at marbling! I'm impressed :)

  7. this is a nice water marbling the colors are so bright and pretty as well

  8. omg that is incredible..very beautiful

  9. Great success this WM !!!! I must still work to obtain this result ^^^^
    I take a cup much small to avoid using a lot of polish !!

  10. Colette you are amazing!! Whenever I water marble, it never turns out this well! When you are pulling the orange stick through the polish, are you just skimming the surface? I've been using a needle (or something similar) and I stick it all the way through the polish into the water when I'm making my design, and the results are usually less than impressive lol. Also, which brands of polish do you think spread out the best? Thanks again for the eye candy!! :)

  11. You're the queen of water marbling! I love this.

  12. Hi,
    this was my first time, but also my last time:
    it was a complete disaster!

    Any tips?

    xx nailvictim...):

  13. EVERYONE - Thanks so much!

    AMANDA - I try to use as light a touch as possible when I drag through the polish. I've really had successes & failures with all brands, it takes a lot of trial & error to find colors that work well.

    NAILVICTIM - check out my other tutorials & then let me know if you still have a specific question.

  14. My first word when i saw your video was wooooowwwww she good im so glad i dound this though i just got migin art nail polish for christmas but ill try it my kids at school will actually ay attenion to me :D

  15. it do not work with me.......,
    when i do it with pink and green, it will not work =(
    beacouse when i drop it, en i want to do it with mine nail topper, its alreaddy dry or something.......


    ps: i'm 14 jears old, and i'm from Holland ;)


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