Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Quick Note On Biotin

I just did something that I'm POSITIVE would have broken my nail before I started taking biotin. I'm in between manis so my nails are naked, I'm my usual clumsy self - I felt it bend, I winced in dread & anticipation, looked for the tear, the crack, ready to run for the silk patches & gel glue ... nothing there. Not even the kind of "scar" that sometimes shows up after you've traumatized your nail. Perfectly normal, fine, flawless, gorgeous nail. *knocks on wood ... several times* I just have to say I'm impressed, and hope I don't jinx myself.

If you google on biotin, you're going to get a ton of hits, so I'll try to sum up my knowledge that I got from poking around the Internet:
  • The more the better. Some people taking small doses reported no noticeable change in their nails. The bottle I have the pills are 5000mcg each.
  • It's good for your hair as well as your nails.
  • It's water-soluble - basically this means you can't take too much, your body absorbs what it needs to make stronger nails & hair & anything left over you ... uhhh ... well, not to beat around the bush, you pee out anything extra.
  • It's CHEAP - my grandma ordered mine for me from a Puritan's Pride catalogue where she gets her vitamins, & I don't remember the exact total but they were having a buy 2 get 3 free offer, each bottle has 60 pills, so for around 15 bucks I got enough to last me almost a year.

And, of course, the point of this post is it works. I decided I'll make an effort to remember to show some pics of my natural nails around once a month, as I finish growing out my problem nails. I'll even show the right hand occasionally, but with no polish the patches are looking a bit rough at the moment so not today. Here's my left:

You can follow my progress under the tag Naked Nails =) With some of my nails, I thought I was just about at the limit of being able to still type comfortably ... but I keep not filing them & I keep still being able to type. So we'll see how long I can handle & stay functional LOL. Thanks for reading.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Nails, Nails, More Nails, Mini-Review & Award

LOTS to cover. Probably because several of these things I meant to post over the weekend & just never got around to doing it!

I'll start out with my nails, since that's probably what you came here to see =) I kept it simple, no nail art, because this polish is pretty enough by itself. I can't quite decide if this is a duo-chrome or just super super shimmery; Nubar Gold Leaf:

Then, my friend's mani chipped, so there was nothing but to redo it. This time we used China Glaze QT, another great holo from the OMG Collection. Unfortunately the sun didn't show while she was around but here are the pics I did take:

I also did my toes over the weekend. From the Color Illusion Collection, this was a Big Lots find, Revlon Purple Twilight (excuse the sun pics ... pre-clean up but it was the only instant the sun was out):

OK, that brings us about halfway through this giant post! And all of the real manicure-related stuff out of the way.

Those of you who read my Mini-Review of the Revlon Runway Collection Fake Nails will probably recall that I pretty much dissed them all around. If you don't remember, well, click the link & go back to check it out =)

Given that I was less than enthusiastic and none too complimentary, I was pretty surprised when they contacted me to say they'd be sending me more free fake nails. Yay!... I guess?

I mean, free stuff is always good, but in this case I'm thinking Revlon is going by the old adage of there's no such thing as bad press. Even if I pan their product, you guys all still get to see it. So I'm going to do another mini-review, this time focusing more on the designs, but please Revlon reps if you're reading this: next time give me polish. Because I really have no love of your fake nails. They're kind of cute but tiny & short & not for me.

All of these are from the Runway Collection and I received in the medium length.


This is one of the designs that I received the first time, but I didn't really talk about what I thought of the pattern. This design is ... well just OK I guess. I'm not impressed, although they're better than just plain french in my opinion.


This is also one of the designs that I received the first time. I like this one a little better than the first but still not blown away.


I really can't say that I like this combination for some reason. Either the squarish design OR the silver smile line alone I like, but not together


Very neutral & I'd think work-appropriate even in a more conservative office. Just enough of a design that they don't feel plain.


Cute but unremarkable except for the fact that it has silver tips instead of white.


This is my 2nd favorite design, I like non-traditional dark tips. But this has the downside (for me) that only some of the nails have rhinestones at the peak of the chevron - I counted, and of the 24 nails you get, only 8 have rhinestones =(


I think this one gets the most points for originality. It reminds me the most of a kind of konad-tip design, which I prefer most of the time over the simpler designs of just dots or lines. This one was my overall favorite design, but it did have one problem that the stripe of glitter is not applied very well on all nails (or else is already coming off before they've even been out of the box...). Maybe not noticeable to a normal person, but I'm used to really scrutinizing my mani.

That's all, although I felt like that was a ton! I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened the box & was pleasantly surprised to see that they were so generous.

Finally, I got another award! And I kind of hate to stick it at the end of the post, and I don't have time to do it full justice & nominate other blogs for it like I'm supposed to, but I think saying thank you & getting it up here is better than it landing in "draft limbo" with other things on my to-do list...

Natalie over at Nani's Nails gave me the Uber Amazing Blog Award!

The rules for this awards are as follows:

1. Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
2. Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.
3. Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them.
4. Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged
5. Paste the award badge in your side bar.

5 facts about Natalie who I got this award from:
  • She's a mom
  • She loves nails
  • She loves Konad
  • She just started her blog on June 4th
  • If you really like her blog you can follow her on Twitter =)

10 facts about me:

  • I've always loved my nails but blogging has really made me up my game
  • My next-favorite hobby is reading
  • I love to write LOL & I'm sure that probably comes across when I get to rambling
  • Music is super-important to me. Most of the time my job takes up a tiny fraction of my brainpower & if I didn't have an ipod I think I'd go crazy.
  • I like video games
  • A hobby I don't always have time for but enjoy is cross-stitch
  • Uhhh ... (reaching here) my cat's name is Frisky
  • My dog's name is Dude
  • And I don't know why it's so hard to come up with 10 things other than I feel put on the spot! And that's why I could never try out for Jeopardy, although do pretty good playing from home =)

OK, here's the part where I cheat out on the rest of the award rules ... I'm running out of time but as always I'll urge everyone to check out the blogroll to the right.

I think I just set a new record longest post! So, if you're still with me, LOL, thanks for reading =)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guest NOTD: Holo

My friend has a date tonight, so I just gave her a manicure & took pics to post up. I don't usually mess around with other people's nails, but it was kind of fun to paint someone else's. She wanted a holo & we ended up using China Glaze TTYL:

I didn't force her to take as many pics as I usually do, but the camera flash pic really catches the holo well. Thanks for reading.


Very Pink NOTD & I'm Adorable =)

Pink isn't usually my thing. If I had to pick a least favorite color, it's probably down there with orange ... but I am learning to appreciate both colors on my nails at least. And for today's lesson in appreciating all colors, I'm wearing Claire's Lulu Belle Konied with Black Special Polish & plate m40. This neon pink has some holographic glitter in it, which I did manage to catch in one out of focus thumb pic, and was distractingly bright on my nails all day =):

As a bonus, I haven't found anything My Nails Look Like lately, I guess I haven't been looking too hard, but I couldn't miss my mom's roses when I was taking the sun pics:

Also, Lachelle from Polished Beauty Blog gave me an award!

The Adorable Blog Award rules are as follows:
  • Include the logo in your blog or post
  • Nominate as many blogs which you like
  • Be sure to link your nominees within your post
  • Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
  • Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received this award.

Now, I've got a notoriously long blogroll, so it was really hard to pick just a few to pass this award along to. (Especially since this award is making the rounds & I'd like to shout out some blogs that haven't received it yet LOL!) Otherwise I'd get no sleep posting comment notifications LOL. So I'm limiting myself to 5, and here they are:

The Nailphile - The blog that started it all for me. I love lots of blogs now but I'll always remember that it was Siobhan who hooked me into the blogosphere & inspired me to start my own.
La Passion Des Ongles - Really great manis & konis. I also love that she shows her natural nails periodically, it's always nice to see what's behind all the polish.
Polish Pixie - Another of the first blogs I started reading & still love.
Sasse's 'Nad Stamping Stampede - Great Konad tips & pictures!
Alexlyndra - NOTDs with some really unique nail art & FOTDs too. A lot of blogs from other parts of the world all I can do is look at pics but I appreciate that she gives translations.

Check out the rest of my favorites to the right =) And, as always, thanks for reading.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NOTD & Outgrowing My Storage

I wanted something flashy enough that it didn't really need Konad ... although in the end I couldn't resist just a few butterflies. This is a great duo-chrome, so lots of pics! Nubar Purple Beach Konied with White Special Polish & plate m36 (excuse the hair in the sunlight pics ... obviously didn't notice until it was too late...):

Now, on to outgrowing my storage. When I moved most of my polish from the top of my dresser into plastic shoeboxes, I though they were the greatest possible invention for storing polish. Of course, at that time, I only had around 350 bottles of polish. A good amount, don't get me wrong, but blogging & discovering new brands that I love & must have has expanded my collection a pretty ridiculous amount in the past 6 months.

Let me first share my mini-haul from Monday - I was at the mall so I stopped by Hot Topic:

Lord only knows why they don't name their polish =( Pink, Pink/Blue Glitter, Silver, and Black with Holo Glitter.

Anyway, back to my storage... I've mentioned before I keep a spreadsheet of my polish. I try to get stuff on there fairly quickly after buying it, and this Hot Topic haul brought my grand total of polish - not counting duplicates, topcoats or treatment products - past an astonishing (to me) milestone over 600 bottles, a grand total of 602 bottles. Hehehe ... over a third of which is since the beginning of the year ... and needless to say the "extra" shoeboxes I had are just about full at this point, not to mention taking over the room.

So, I've decided it's time to upgrade to a Helmer, just as soon as I can force myself to make the drive down to Ikea. Never heard of a Helmer? Take a look at a couple packed full of polish over at All Lacquered Up.

Pics will be forthcoming of course =) Since they hold up to 500 bottles I'll need 2 & that should be enough extra room to last me a while ... I hope LOL. Thanks for reading.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips, Toes & A Haul

First the tips ... the polish is from the little haul that I'll show in a moment, I always get so many compliments when I wear orange that I picked up a couple of new orange polishes & this is one of them: Nina Ultra Pro Burnt Orange, Konied with Misa Chocolate Icing & plate m57:

I love all the gold glowyness this polish has when the light hits it, although I do kind of wish I'd put the pattern at a little more of a diagonal, since some of them just look crooked instead of intentionally at an angle.

This pedi is a week old LOL, but I finally got around to taking pictures of it a few days ago; China Glaze Tinsel:

Super-glittery in the sun, which I've finally been able to enjoy the past few days since the rain finally let up for a while.

The haul is from yesterday, I had a couple of 15% off coupons for June so I thought I should make use of at least on of them:

Top row left to right: China Glaze Coconut Kiss, Thataway, Awakening & Unplugged. Bottom row left to right: Nina Ultra Pro ? (I swear this blue had a label but it's gone now ...) & Burnt Orange, Orly Fantasea & Plum Noir.

And, just because these pics are too cute not to post, here's Frisky hanging out in the back yard, on the back steps & under the lounge chair:

Thanks for reading =)


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NOTD: ChG Rain Storm

LOL, finally a mani that I like well enough to wear longer than one day =) A little brighter, cuter, flowery-er, and bling-er. China Glaze Rain Storm konied with White Special Polish & plate m26, plus some rhinestone accents for good measure:

I considered doing some variation of a french manicure, because I really like the way my nails are looking naked right now, but the last french I did turned out so poorly I didn't want to "risk" another mani I was displeased with. This one I smile every time I look down at it, rather than just seeing the faults like I was with the last couple.

I feel like I've been doing a better job staying on top of posting & comments, but I am a little behind - I still have a couple reviews on my to-do list, and also a pedi that I did Sunday that I just haven't gotten around to taking pics of ... so I'll aim for maybe posting that up tomorrow. Until then, thanks for reading.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dark Pleasures NOTD

This is the mani I did last night. I think maybe I am subconsciously irritated with something else, because I am somewhat disgruntled with this one also. I don't dislike it, I guess I just don't love it - do I have to be head over heels crazy over every color or koni now? I think I've just been spoiled by success lately LOL.

This is Revlon Dark Pleasures Midnight Affair konied with China Glaze Devotion & plate m63:

I hoped maybe this would grow on me as I wore it today, but as I post this my nails are naked ... part of what I didn't like I think is that in the bottle you can clearly see this polish is blue, but it looks black on the nail under most light.

My friend keeps telling me to do something bright & neon, but I'm not sure that fits my mood ... We'll see. Not like I don't have plenty to choose from LOL. I don't know that I want to put a number on how large my unworn pile has grown.

Thanks for reading.

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