Monday, March 29, 2010

NOTD: Easter Swirl (Holo) Water Marble + Tutorial

That is a freaking mouthful LOL =)  But that's what it is, and I had to throw the (holo) in there because I will have one coming soon in cremes.

For this water marble, I thought pink, blue & purple would work well for Easter, and I picked China Glaze BFF, 2NITE & LOL.  I had kind of a lot of trouble with bubbles on this mani, not sure if it was the polish or the technique ... but overall this turned out pretty much just how I wanted:

My favorite nails from this marble are the right pinky & ring fingers, and the left ring.  The left middle might have been best if I'd managed to center it buuuut ... well, no such thing as a 100%  flawless water marble, at least I haven't managed it yet LOL.

Here's the tutorial:

Thanks for reading & watching =)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

NOTD: Purple Lattice (Maybelline Goody Plum Drop + Grape Times) + Tutorial

Although I liked the blue color combination better, I really like the designs I did with this purple version.  I actually sat down & sketched out my ideas before I started this mani, picked the ones I liked best, and then did them so that each finger was different, and had a mirror image on the opposite hand.  Base color is Maybelline Goody Plum Drop (except the reversed accent nails) and the stripes are done with Maybelline Grape Times:

Here's the tutorial (eventually ... YT is quite slow on a Saturday, unfortunately):

Thanks for reading =)


NOTD: Icing Paparazzi

This is not quite as red-toned as it shows in pics, although it is a kind of pinky bronze.  Also much more holo than shows in most of these,  except for the blurry shots.  Icing Paparazzi:

Thanks for reading.


Friday, March 26, 2010

NOTD: Maybelline Pie In The Sky & Denim Dash

I loved this mani so much, it's on my nails again in a purple version =)  Pie in the Sky is from Maybelline's spring collection, Sweet Thing, and Denim Dash is one of the new colors recently added to their core line.  With the exception of accent nails on ring & thumb, I used PitS for my base & DD for the nail art, which I just used a liner brush to do.  I decided to call this my lattice design, and I switched it up a little on each nail:

I don't usually talk a lot about application & stuff ... if I like the color, I'm going to suffer through.  But the application on PitS was bad enough that I just want to let you guys know.  It was just gross.  DD on the other hand, which I'd actually been warned about, went on fine.  Yet, it was the reverse for the nail art - DD sucked & PitS was really smooth.  Whatever.  End result was good, if a bit on the messy side.
I kind of refined this idea & actually did some sketches before I did the purple version & accompanying tutorial.  I still actually like the blue on blue color combination better, but I like the designs I did for purple on purple.  I hope to have that up either later tonight (which I'll admit is on the doubtful side considering how late it already is...) or tomorrow.  So stay tuned =)  
Thanks for reading.


OPI MPJ In Motion

By request, here's the video ... just a quick one, but this polish "live" in motion, in the sun, is a gorgeous thing to behold =)  Enjoy:

I'm off work today, going to  see some parade of homes after I do my nails.  When I get home I hope to finish catching up with NOTDs, edit the tutorial I'm about to shoot, and then answer comments.  So I should be posting a lot tonight & this weekend, stay tuned =)

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

NOTD: Original OPI My Private Jet

Mmmm.  Beautiful.  3 coats + Seche.  OPI My Private Jet ... I figure I really don't need to say too much about this polish =)  Especially since I went on at such length when I found it. (HERE).  I wore this on Monday & Tuesday, & I'll just get right to the pics:

The only downside of this gorgeousness is that it emphasizes my curves … No, not my luscious womanly curves LOL, my horrid curved nails =(  Most circumstances the left middle looks straight now (especially when compared to last summer) but the left index is pretty crooked on the end … it looks kind of like the corner is broken off, but really it’s the curve.  Right hand middle & index are even worse … I don’t know what I did to make the one improve so much?  If anyone has any insight to this kind of bendy curvy-nail problem, please enlighten me =)  I’m OK with it … the hazards of natural nails … but if there’s a fix, I’d be all over it.

And, just because I came across this while I was editing pics, here's a shot of Dude from when I was taking these outdoor shots.  The snow is finally gone here ... & we haven't had any new snow all month, which is like the first snow-less March in recorded meteorology.  I thought he had such a cute, quizzical expression on his face here:

Thanks for reading.


(EDIT) PS - are you guys at all interested in a short (like 10 seconds) video of MPJ & it's gorgeous holo effect?  If anyone is interested I'll upload & post it later on ... just leave a comment & let me know =)

Guest NOTD: MF Independent

This is quite an old polish, I don't think Max Factor even makes nail polish anymore ... is the company even around any more??  Either way, this is Mom wearing Max Factor Independent:

She liked this color, although I thought it was kind of boring mauve-brown.  It didn't wear very well though, she already had 2 sizeable chips on her right hand on  the first day of wearing it.  Not sure if that's just because it's old or what ... good excuse to put something more interesting on LOL =)

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NOTD: Hot Topic Iridescent Purple

This polish doesn't actually have a name on it, but is pretty well known around the blogosphere as Hot Topic Iridescent Purple.  Of course, purples are notoriously hard to capture in pics, but I gave it a try ... best pics I think are actually the overcast & shade shots - click to enlarge & get a really interesting look at the detail of the glitter:

I wore this last Friday & over most of the weekend.  Thanks for reading =)

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