Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NOTD: Color Club Magnetic Force

OK, so I'm not exactly forcing myself to blog, so much as I'm firmly encouraging myself to do a post before I go to bed.  & this will likely happen frequently, so I may not have much to say all the time - but then again, a truly lovely polish speaks for itself - like Color Club Magnetic Force does:

Chocolate brown magnetic, what's not  to love?  Aside from the really bad break I had in these pics that was much more glaringly obvious in some of the rejected pics LOL.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, January 28, 2013

New Year, New Look ...

... Same old procrastinating me =)  At first I thought I'd get the redesign done by New Year's.  Then I thought I'd get it done by my 4th blogiversary (back on the 19th).  I finally got it done yesterday.

Now, I only made one resolution this year, which was to sleep more - and which I am not quite failing at but not really succeeding at either.  I should have also resolved not to procrastinate & to ACTUALLY get caught up with stuff online.  I guess I could maybe squeeze it in as a resolution since it's not the end of January - but on the other hand, I shouldn't need a resolution to make it happen.  I DON'T need a resolution to make it happen.  *nods*  I've said it before - hell, I'll probably say it again.  I am going to get back on top of my blog posting.

Let me know what you think of the new look - I always appreciate hearing from you guys =)  I (obviously) don't let it dictate my style, but sometimes there are things glaringly wrong that I'm just overlooking, or issues in other browsers etc.  & stay tuned for lots of good things - so many I think I've probably forgotten a few LOL.  Editing pics & writing posts actually helps me to remember what I've done on my nails, so the last few months is kind of a blur & I think it will be fun to revisit as I dig into it.

Thanks for (still) reading =)

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