Sunday, September 25, 2016

October Fan's Choice Poll

I've gone through the comments on my submission video and picked a baker's dozen of the suggestions to be voted on - please check out the poll in the upper right corner and vote for your choice!  The top 4 designs will be featured on Fridays in October =)

This poll will be open until next Sunday 10/2/16.

Also, please let me know if you think I should do Fan Choice Friday in November & December also?

And, stop me if you've heard it before ... I WILL be posting more here on the blog.  Like, for real this time.  I had a lot of trouble getting myself on a normal schedule after I quit my job, but I've managed to kind of get on track while I'm on vacation in California, which is unfortunate since all I have is my Chromebook so my productivity is a little limited.  But once I get back to my main PC & my external drives with all my old pictures on them, I am making it a priority to dig in and start editing & posting!

Thanks for reading and for voting!

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