Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Naked Nails

It's been a few days since I posted ... partly because I've been kind of busy, partly because I've had the same polish on for 3 days.  OMG, right?  LOL I did add some Konad after the 2nd day but it still felt like a really long time.  But I don't have time to edit those pics ... so I thought I'd get this post up, since I don't think I've posted naked nails since February.  I took these a couple of days ago:

Not bad if I do say so myself.  I haven't had a break all winter somehow (*knock on wood*), and the peeling on my right hand is almost completely grown out.  My worst problem right now is a few curves & I just can't make myself be upset about that at the moment ... especially when none of the worst offenders look very bad in the above pics.

Anyway, as always feel free to ask any maintenance questions & (when I get caught up with comments) I'll try my best to answer.  Thanks for reading.



  1. Your nails are in excellent condition & I can't believe their your own, you should be proud lol.

  2. Wow. I can only one day dream to have nails this nice. I saw your post about how to grow out your stubborn nails and I am looking forward to trying that in the near future.

    Do you use an strengtheners/special base coats?

  3. I tagged you for a blog award here:

    Hugs, Andreea

  4. Wow those are some gorgeous naked nails! How do you prevent them from breaking and colouring?

  5. wow, i wish mine were that long and not so stained:(

  6. OMG if only mine could be so beautiful and long !!!

  7. How do you keep your nails so long and beautiful?

  8. wow your nails are amazing!!! I'm so jealoussss I can't grow them out because not only do they break but even a little too much length makes them hurt! they feel bruised all the time :(

  9. EVERYONE - Thanks =)

    CH3RRYCO1A - I do take a biotin supplement, but I don't really use anything special, the base coat I'm currently using is Nail Life Gripper, which is available at Sallys.

    FRUMUSIKAPRO - Thank you! I am so late but I will check it out =)

    HELENA - I mostly credit my base coat choices (currently using Nail Life Gripper) for keeping them from staining, as for breaking I think I lucked out over the winter by keeping them shorter, now I have them longer again I have several patches on small tears.

    ANON - I think it helps to keep them polished, other than that just patience & keep them moisturized, plus I take a biotin supplement.

  10. Your naked pics are fabulous. I have all natural nails too but how do you keep them from turning yellow? I use Opi natural nail base. Any suggestions on how to get the yellow staining off. I just wear polish all the time for strength and to hide the yellow. I also take Biotin every night before bed.

  11. holy crap!!! those are some gorgeous nails!!!!!!!!


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