Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NOTD: Blues & Purple Water Marble + Tutorial

This wasn't the original plan, or even the backup plan, but I still like it =)  I wanted to use the color that I have on my toes - a bright blue from Claire's - with a couple of others, but it was a little mini-disaster.  Then I thought I'd do light blue, grey & lavender - but the grey was a fail.  So I finally replaced that with a darker blue & came up with this combination, all Ulta Salon Formula polishes.  Base color is Bam-Blue-Zled, marbling done with BBZ, Blue Streak (which you can see on its own HERE) & Tutu Cute:

Favorite nails are left middle & ring, right ring & pointer:

Here's the tutorial:

Thanks for reading =)


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hauls, Gifts & More Crackle Swatches

Small hauls, but quite a bit of polish when all taken together.  Some hauls I bought myself, some gift hauls from friends & family =)
First I have a couple from Walgreens that I got when I picked up my prescription:
I'd never heard of the brand on the left, 2012 Max Makeup Cherimoya - have any of you?  This green crackle is called Crucify, and the Revlon is Royal Cloak from a special display that I forget the name of.
Stopped at Sallys to use my 15% off coupon, picked up some top coat & supplies & also these 2 Finger Paints Crackles:
Named, un-creatively enough, Purple Crackle & Blue Crackle.
I stopped at Claire's mainly to check their clearance, but then I spotted their Crackles:
I realized after I lined them up that the stem on the white was longer than all the others, which is kind of weird.  They don't have actual names, so they're just pink, black, white & silver.

Then these are back from my birthday last month, from my friend Sam:

Top is the brand Love & Beauty, and they didn't have names so they're just blue, neon green & yellow glitter.  Bottom is Mood Struck Berry Pink to Neon Pink, Teal to Turquoise & Purple to Light Pink.
And a gift just a week or so ago from my aunt:

Top is Savina Money Tree, then Revlon Bright Sky, Mauve Twinkle, Golden Glimmer & Lavender Light.  Bottom row is L.A. Colors Bright Pink, then Cover Girl Pink Twinkle & Crystal Mist.
Here's the vid:
& then here are some close-up pics of the crackle combinations I show at the very end of the vid - the bad on top & the good (with a layer of topcoat between the 2 crackles) on the bottom:

I think that's everything ... for now =)  Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

NOTD: Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-Ing

Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-Ing is kind of a weird name - I wonder if they mean for it to be pronounced "crossing" but in that case why not just spell it that way?  Sometimes they go out of their way to be creative & it just ends up silly LOL.  But it has all kind of things I like - purple, glitter & holo:

I ended up wearing this longer than I planned on due to coming home late one day & pure laziness another.  Here's a look in motion:
Going to try & get my hauls posted later tonight, then either tonight or tomorrow do a marble because obviously I NEED to have something awesome on my nails for the Fair =)  & get some more business cards printed up too!
Thanks for reading.

Friday, August 26, 2011

NOTD: Zoya Yara + bm218

Love this color!  Love the army green, love the gold sparkly shimmer, love it with my skintone - yet for some reason I didn't love wearing it.  I couldn't quite put my finger on it ... maybe just that it's from a fall collection & I'm still in summer mode?  I don't know.  From Zoya's new fall Mirrors collection, this is Yara:

After a day, I didn't have time to change it so I added some gold french tips with China Glaze 2030 & Bundle Monster image plate bm218 - showing my right hand because it came out so much better (more even) than my left:

Thanks for reading =)


TOTD: Icing Green with Envy

I've been taking such poor pedicure pics - like not remembering to take any until I'm about to take it off, instead of taking some at the beginning LOL.  Such is the case with this - one coat of Icing Green with Envy over one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme:

I really liked this, but then I needed to switch it out quick - & how to you get rid of glitter quick?  Cover it up with more glitter!  I did another coat of black & a coat of Finger Paints Purple Palette, a purple glitter - it was awesome & I wore it like that for another 2 weeks - & managed not to take ANY pictures =(  I'm such a spazz & I have come to terms with that LOL.  I just changed my pedi though & managed to squeeze in some pics on only the 3rd day so I'm trying to get back on the right track =)
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stop & Smell the Flowers

Currently in the garden:
Well, I can't actually stop & smell them quite yet (do gladiolas even smell much?), but my long weekend is so close I can almost taste it LOL.  All I have to do is get through tomorrow ... I can't wait to:
Finish Ghost Story (Dresden Files # .... hmmm, 13 I think)
Catchup posting
Go to the State Fair! (The great Minnesota get-together don't-cha know)
Slee... well, I think you get the idea =)
I know I won't get done as much as I plan, I never do, but if I can at least put a respectable dent in my to-do list I'll be happy.  Thanks for reading.
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