Sunday, April 21, 2013

Macy's Spring 2013 Flower Show

I will just mention, that this is NOT turning into a blog that's just about flowers.  Seriously LOL ... but they don't require much thought or editing & I love sharing them with you guys.  These are from a few weeks ago, the theme this year was The Painted Garden, and we had an even bigger than normal group this trip - me, Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin & Dad!:

 The umbrellas hanging upside-down from the ceiling were a bit weird ... and yet fit in at the same time LOL.

These Love Story Lilies were hands down the most fragrant thing in the room.  So super sweet, in the midst of our extended Minnesota winter it was heavenly.

I think things in real life may finally calm down enough to allow me enough leisure to start trying (again) to get caught up.  Not that things are actually ever calm, but I've finished a few hugely important things (like taxes, blech, I procrastinated until the final weekend again this year), and I'm really on a get-organized kick, so here's me with my fingers crossed =)

Thanks for reading.

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