Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guest NOTD: Gold, Green & Black Water Marble + Tutorial

When I do water marbles for mom, she picks the colors, and then I find the polishes in close colors & give her a few sample designs to choose from.  This particular color combination was inspired by a wall hanging that you can see in a one of the pictures below.  Base color is Sally Hansen Salon Tassel, marbling done with Tassel, China Glaze Peace on Earth & Orly Liquid Vinyl:

Here are a few of my favorite nails - even short nails can fit plenty of marble-y goodness:

And I found a couple of these shots while editing pics, really shows the difference between me & Mom LOL!  She could maybe barely fit one of the four leaf clovers on her thumb:

And of course here's the tutorial:

Thanks for reading =)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NOTD: Four Leaf Clover Water Marble + Tutorial

This one was (obviously) for St. Patrick's Day =)  It took some doing to find the right colors, to get a very small inner circle that would fit a whole clover on my nail.  Base color is Orly Wandering Vine, then the marbling is done with WV & Orly Green Apple - I used the darker color as the base because I didn't want GA to be quite as bright as it is in the bottle:

IIRC, I was attempting to place them all similarly - but then I may have given up & just gone for randomness once that failed LOL.  Either way, I was very happy with the final results, and here are a few of my favorites:

And of course here is the tutorial:

I thought at the time that with a little tweaking &  some different colors, this basic design would also work really well to do a butterfly marble - but I haven't gotten around to actually trying it yet.  One more thing on my miles-long to-do list LOL.

Went to the State Fair yesterday - AWESOME time as always, and my cousin joined our family mob this year so we were 6-strong wandering around.  Of course I will have some Fair Food to show you guys - I'm thinking I may turn it into a slideshow this year, but I haven't decided for sure yet.  I didn't quite get to everything I wanted - but that's what trip #2 on Saturday is for!

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

NOTD: Blue & Blue Water Marble + Tutorial

Marbling doesn't have to be intricate color combinations or detailed designs - this is about as simple as it gets, a two-toned one color combination with simple petal shapes - base color is Wet n Wild Rain Check, marbling done with RC & Wet n Wild Sapphire Blue:

Here are a few of my favorite nails - I  think the one that went crooked may actually be my favorite of all:

Here's the tutorial:

Feathers? Raindrops? Option number 3? LOL let me know what it reminds you of =)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NOTD: Purple & White Water Marble + Tutorial

How fast a week goes - since the last post was a Tuesday, can I pretend it was just yesterday?

I started this water marble with a base color of Orly Fantasea, then marbling is done with Fantasea & Orly Au Champagne from the Holiday Soiree collection:

Here's the tutorial:

Lots more water marbles to come, then some other stuff & more water marbles =)

ALSO - if you don't follow me on Facebook yet, please do so!  I will be having a contest over there in short order.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest NOTD: Orly Sea Gurl

I am 99.5% sure that I've correctly identified this manicure of my mom's as Orly Sea Gurl from their Birds of a Feather collection - it's in my "backlogged pictures" pile/box, looks right, and rings a bell.  But I have that 0.5% of doubt LOL.

I'd like to wear this myself & I have a vague memory of purchasing it with something complimentary that I wanted to marble with but I couldn't tell you what off the top of my head.  Oh well - here is Sea Gurl, what I think I would describe as a slightly metallic deep taupe:

More posts to come ... maybe eventually even some posted during normal daylight hours!

Thanks for reading.

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