Sunday, September 25, 2011

NOTD: Sunny Yellow Water Marble + Tutorial

As many of you know, yellow is NOT my favorite color.  Possibly my least favorite in fact.  But that didn't mean that it would be neglected in my Addicted to Color series, and I finally found 5 yellows that worked together & still had some contrast on the nail.  Base color is China Glaze Lighthouse, marbling done with Lighthouse, China Glaze Solar Power, Sally Hansen Hue, Orly Hook Up & Wet n Wild Collecting Pollen.  I wish we had a little sun to go with my sunny nails but although the temperatures have rebounded from the hard freeze, it's been pretty cloudy lately:

My favorite nails are left ring, index & thumb, right thumb:

And here's the vid:

The plan is to edit the haul vid & pic tomorrow after work, so stay tuned for that those of you that like hauls =)  Thanks for watching.



  1. Beautiful, as always, keep up the good work :)

  2. I'm not a big yellow fan either, but this is very pretty :) And you always use so beautiful colours :) I tried yesterday my first water marbling, and i managed to get some water drops "stick" into the laquer. Do you got any tips how to avoid that from happening?

  3. Do this water marble work if I have fake nails? You know like them you put on yourself?

  4. WOW! I love your design! This is soooooooo genius!

  5. Just love those colors!

  6. you always do the best marbling techniques!

  7. If you'd described the colors to me, I would have thought I wouldn't like this combination. But in reality, it's beautiful!

    I know you've mentioned in your tutorials that you use trial and error to find the right polishes. Are there any characteristics you look for to make educated guesses about what will work best?

  8. I like the design and you're as good as usual, but I beleve that this colour combination is somewhat too monodimensional, it lacks some contrast as the others had...
    It may also be that I'm not muche into yellow polishes ;o)))

  9. VANQUISH - My 3 main tips to prevent bubbles would be: make sure there are none in the polish before you dip you nail (you can pop those), dip in & out slowly, and make sure to get rid of any water drops on your nail - if they won't drip or shake off, you can use the corner of a paper towel to absorb them. HTH =)

    SOPHIA - I haven't tried myself but it should be fine

    SARAH - I look for one with one with good pigmentation, maybe a little on the thick side but thin enough to drip & above all slow-drying

  10. Thank you Colette for answering :) Have to try again with those tips :)


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