Monday, September 12, 2011

Guest NOTD: NK Charcoal Navy + China Glaze Platinum Pieces

Mom was in looove with this both ways.  She started out with NK Charcoal Navy on its own - this scarf she's using as a prop in the sun pic is from the Fair, and I WILL still be posting pics!  It's just a daunting task LOL, hundreds to sort through from both trips.  Maybe this week, maybe next weekend, but food & other good things still to come.  Here's Charcoal Navy:

Then she cracked it with China Glaze Platinum Pieces:

Can you believe, when I started my blog Mom never painted her nails at all!  I've truly converted her =)
Thanks for reading.


  1. When I was in highschool, blue nailpolish was only for weirdos. I love that it's now mainstream enough for a Mom to wear! I gave you a shout on my blog, I did some Good -n- Plenty swirls using one of your tutorials.

  2. The first polish is really nice, I would leave it that way because I don't like the way CG cracked.

  3. I actually have this color :D Never seen anyone else with this online :) I love it! :P

  4. Looking Fab <3

    Could U please visit my new nail blog? that woul mean the world to me :)

    Love Denise

  5. lol... I'm wearing almost an identical mani right now except my base is Zoya Cynthia. Mom has good taste! ;)


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