Thursday, September 1, 2011

FAQ: Nail Wheels

Hmmm, what to add to this vid?  I think for once I managed to fit everything in LOL =)

I do wish that I remembered exactly where I got the nail wheels, but I was unable to find the blog post & I'm not going to go digging through 2+ year old receipts just to satisfy curiosity.

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  1. For people with shorter nails popping the polish off the nail wheel like that would be a cool way of making your own polish strips!

  2. OMG I totally didnt even think about that. I have been swatching and then throwing them out. I like to compare polishes and experiment with layering. But I buy the super cheap ones at Sally's (10 wheels for $6) So if I tried to get them off the nails would just bend and break off. I think trying to clean them off would be more work than to just go buy more. Maybe I will look into those nice thick plastic ones you have.

  3. What a great and nice video! I never thought about reusing the nailwheels :D Thanks for this idea I will definitely try it out soon

  4. I'm sometimes a bit taken aback about the questions you seem to have on youtube and amazed at your kindness for taking time to answer all of them. I seldom comment on here but I've been following you for a long time now, thank you for all the work you put in it!!
    I've featured you in my "Friends' Friday" ;)

  5. Thanks. This is a good info post. Nice video. I have all my polish shades swatched on nail wheels and lay the wheels into the top of the drawer that contains those polishes. Glad to know best way to remove the polish as sometimes I need to switch the placement in my stash of one color and it messes up the color wheel. I can fix the database that corresponds to every location of each polish easy, but the manual part of the nail wheel, not so easy. I looked allover on line recently for nail art wheels pricing to get the best deal for about 800 wheels. Surprised me to find the best deal was Sally's with my Sally's card. Only thing is, you cannot write the name of the polish on the kind of wheels Sally's sells, need to do a # and have a hard copy sheet with what each # represents shade wise. It's a bit more work. But in the end, unless you have really neat printing, works well for me. Glad to know not to use acetone remover - thanks for that tip. I would have wrecked mine for sure as I don't keep any non acetone around usually as I don't have faux nails anymore. Will see if my nail wheels pull off the same as your clear ones since mine seem to have less flex in them and are also white, not clear.

  6. The nail wheels on Head2Toe Beauty are the only ones I've ever seen that resemble the ones you use in your vids. I get mine from Sally Beauty and usually use them for swatches I want to keep. Like I have all the China Glaze Romantique colors swatched so I can compare them to what I have on my nails if I decide to Konad with one of them. I might get a set of the ones from Head2Toe though. I can definitely see some uses for being able to pop off the polish like that and reuse the same wheel over again. I don't think the ones from Sally are flexible enough for that. This way I can save the ones from Sally for swatches I know I'll want to keep.

  7. I found the nail wheels on it is a 2pk for $2 and change. Might buy them for practicing with my left hand since I'm a righty.


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