Sunday, September 4, 2011

More 2012 Crackles & Kleancolor Crackles

I have quite a haul, and a lot of them are crackles =)  I went to a new to me beauty supply store & found a whole bunch on nice & cheap polish, so I indulged.  A few of the 2012s are from Walgreens, colors that Family Beauty Supply (Broadway & Fremont for my local readers) didn't have, but they were only $2 at the beauty supply compared to $5 at Walgreens, so I got what I could for cheap.
Here's the haul vid - my longest video so far I think, almost a half an hour somehow LOL:
Here are all my new 2012 colors:
Top:  You & I, Acid Rain,Mercy Me, Helios, Afterlife, Evolution.  Bottom:  Extraterrestrial, Tomorrow, Jesus Christ Superstar, Sea of Galilee, Typhoon, Prayer.
Blue Crackle & Green Crackle.
Here are the NK polishes:
Left to right:  Green Apple, Turquoise, Charcoal Navy, After Dark, Metallic Noir.
Here are the Ruby Kisses polishes:

Top:  Black Eutopia, Golden Red, Twinkling Mauve, Tropical Green.  Bottom:  Blue Pearl, Baby Blue, All Purpled Out.
And here are some closer-up pics on the nail wheel swatches - the Kleancolor is a very unique crackle (similar to Kelier if you're a fan of that now HTF brand) if you're patient enough to let it dry, so I also swatched them over white so the pattern was really visible:

And then the 2012s - some of the neons did kind of a weird thing with top coat added ... they look almost ... I don't know, diseased LOL, the orange over black in particular:

Have you picked up any of this 2012 brand?  Which colors did you get & what do you think of them?
Thanks for reading =)



  1. Wow the Kleancolor crackle polish looks amazing! I love the pattern of how it crackles, so different to what I've seen! Ooooh I wish we could get them here! :(

    Love Aysh xoxo

  2. Omgoodess look at all the fun your going to have fam.

  3. I love them! might run out to walgreens and get some hahah I just bought a bunch of polish for a dollar today Im addicted to nails haha

  4. Ohhhh there is so much that I love in this post!!!
    Great haul!


  5. So far the only 2012's I picked up are Sun God-its a bright orange and Afterlife-a bright yellow.

  6. by the way my Walgreen's have the 2012's $2.99 or 2/$5.00

  7. i picked up the you and I & extraterrestrial from 2012 - i really like the way they crackle almost mroe so than some of the more expensive brands lol the kleancolor is not mah thang lol

  8. I like how you said they looked diseased. I think that's fair considering they are the "2012" apocalypse collection. Very fitting. The orange and black remind me of tree bark.

  9. The diseased ones will be great for Halloween. :)

  10. loved the swatches..more videos when u can :)

  11. Hy!!

    I loved Kleancolor Crackles!


  12. if you ever want to fix the problem with your camera cutting you off, it might help if you get an sd card with more memory (4 gigabytes, 8 gigabytes) =]

  13. Kayla Shevonne has a full post about how finicky the Kleancolor crackles are and getting them to work properly.


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