Thursday, October 14, 2010

NOTD: Nubar Burgundy Velvet

This is a Nubar color that I don't see swatched very often, I personally saw it over at Scrangie & decided I needed to add it to my last haul - it's called Burgundy Velvet.  I thought that I really ought to get on doing some Halloween-themed nails, and that the dark red base would be good for some gold stamping, so I used China Glaze Passion & Bundle Monster plate bm13 - I wasn't really happy with how the web was transferring, so I didn't do all of my nails.  Not sure if I have a plate with shallow etching, or if it was maybe due to the finicky chrome polish:

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  1. I'm a lurker, but I just had to say I love this! It would also look awesome with black nails and white stamping, for an inverted colors effect :)

  2. Amazing!!!

  3. I love this burgundy polish. It's so gorgeous! I like the gold web.

  4. I just started following your blog, you have such great tutorials and posts!

    I got the same plate and also had issues with the web and even the spider (I lost the spider legs pretty often).

  5. wow, i love that colour!!


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