Friday, October 29, 2010

NOTD: Bloody Ruffian + Tutorial

I saw a ruffian like this a few months ago, I think maybe over at Scrangie?  & thought it would be a good look for Halloween.  For my base color, I use OPI Sanguine, and then went over the top with Orly Iron Butterfly.  I wore it glossy, & didn't take any pics of the look matte, but you can see the matte version in the video - here's my Bloody Ruffian:

Here's the tutorial:

I am going to do my last Halloween tut now =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. wow very creative :) i like the red base but i don't think it will look nice on my short nails.

  2. Hi Colette, It seems like we have exactly the same taste in books so I thought I would recommend a few: Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Series is probably my favourite of all time (coming in a close second is the Kushiel series). Sara Douglass is really good but is Australian so may be a bit more difficult for you to find; and Jennifer Fallon - especially the Tide Lord series but all her stuff is good. I hope that helps, Kirsten.

  3. Love this manicure. I couldn't wear it since my nails are way too short. Love Iron Butterfly. Looks fantastic. Do you know how this got it's name?


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