Friday, October 22, 2010

NOTD: Nubar Essence

I know you guys are used to me posting at night - ridiculously late at night in some cases on the weekends - but I fell asleep last night, and I'm off work today, so I'm squeezing in a quick post before I leave for Grandma's house.  This was my NOTD on Monday, Nubar Essence:

Here's a look at pink holo goodness in motion:
I'll be posting another Halloween NOTD (black & orange flames marble) when I get home, one of my favorite marbles ever!  So stay tuned for that =) 
On a slightly random note - do you guys think it's OK to thin out matte topcoat with normal polish thinner?  I'm not sure exactly why I'm wary about it, but one of my bottles of Matte Magic is in a bad way, and I'm just hesitating.  I suppose I'll end up doing it eventually, and seeing either way - since it will be as useless gooey & thick as it would be if the thinner wrecks it LOL.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Ha! I've been asking myself the same thing about MM. Let me know if it works ok for you so I can thin mine too :P

  2. this is so pretty (as usual). i'm not sure if you can thin out the matte coat. maybe you can experiment in a small mixing plate. let us know how it goes.

  3. I have thinned my Matte About You with regular thinner, and it works great!

  4. This is one beautiful pink holo. Love Nubar. Glad that someone answered your question about the Matte Magic. Mine hasn't thickened yet.

  5. I used the OPI thinner on Essie Matte About You and it worked brilliantly :)


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