Saturday, October 30, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Zombie Zest + bm 13

Zombie Zest is from China Glaze's 2010 Halloween Collection, Awakening.  I like it quite a bit, & I started out wearing it glossy, with a few fingers stamped with a witch & bats from Bundle Monster plate bm13.  I don't think I've mentioned the break I'm dealing with on my index, but you can see in some of these pics, it is pretty bad, and has been very hard to maintain - it keeps re-ripping even with a patch, I've got to supplement with glue practically every day:
Here it is the 2nd day with Matte Magic added:

Thanks for reading!  One more Halloween look that I'll be posting up for you guys, a Candy Corn inspired water marble =)  Thanks for reading.


  1. That break looks nasty! Your poor nail :( I broke two nails in less that 48 hours and now they are SUPER short, I am a recovering nail biter and its very very hard not to continue biting them now that they are this short... My nails aren't super long anyways, but I need to start using a nail strengthener again.. do you have any suggestions for affordable nail strengtheners? My nails break and peel fairly easily..

  2. I love this manicure. I prefer it glossy, though

  3. My index tore the same way too. I finally caved and chopped mine down.

  4. I'm dealing with 3 breaks in less than 3 days also! I caved and chopped them all off to match (cry!).
    I really think it's the changing weather. No matter HOW much I hydrate and moisturize, my hair and skin are dry and 'powdery' and flaky this time of year, so I think nails are prone to breakage and splitting this time of year also.
    I'm a lifelong nail biter and it's really hard for me not to bite mine when they're short also. :( I've caught myself sticking my nails in my mouth a couple times, but luckily the polish has made me realize what was happening before I bit them.
    Love the water manis and the witchy fauxnad! I prefer it glossy also.

  5. I can never have one broken nail. I have to cut them all even. I've always done that. Must be the Libra in me that needs everything balanced! I've yet to buy this polish. I adore it. Love your manicure with the bats. Looks wonderful glossy and matte.


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