Saturday, July 3, 2010

NOTD: Red & Blue Funky French (Ulta For Bitten & Underground)

I liked this, but I didn't love it because most of the day at work my tips looked black, you couldn't really see that they were vampy red & blue =(  I started with 1 coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust, then I alternated the tips with Ulta For Bitten & Ulta Underground.  The silver smile line is China Glaze Millennium - and I'm not sure I like that part of the mani either, but it needed a smile line (to cover my messy freehand tips) & I'm really not sure what color would have worked better.  I used one more coat of Fairy Dust over everything, and I included a couple of blurry shots that show off the holo better:

Also, I think I've decided that chevron-shaped french tips are a little more flattering to my nails at this length.  Thanks for reading.



  1. I can't believe this, but I dreamed about that look a couple of nights ago. It's awesome, Colette! I think the silver on the smile line is perfect. (Even that part was in my dream!)

  2. Love the holo! Your freehand is great :)

  3. sorry hear about about the accidents with your nails........i take biotin. i think you mentioned it....i hope mine get as strong a luxe as yours. im also gonna keep them at long length too

  4. I think your french tips look FANtastic just the way they are :). Kimberly is right..the silver on the smile line looks perfect and awesome ! Ya really think a chevron shape accent's / enhance's the free edge at this length ? I beg to bout it ladies ? Whats your thoughts or opinions ? Your long nails look beautiful, just outstanding Colette :) Be proud and flaunt'em ! deserve the attention and compliments for all the hard work, time and money invested in these natural beauties.

  5. hi i just stared seeing your videos and its realy kool i want to know are yuor nails dry when you take them out the water????


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