Sunday, July 25, 2010

The "Garden" & The Lightning

So, we went last Saturday to Rochester to see my cousin, and while we were down there, the plan was to go & visit the Mayowood Gardens.  Sounded like a good idea ... but you see, turns out they're called the Gardens because they USED TO BE gardens.  Want to know what it looks like now?
Uh-huh.  Sure, pretty place, would have been a lovely walk if we hadn't been told the wrong hours & come close to closing.  We didn't have time to wander around - we wanted to see some flowers!  Not to mention it was hot & sticky & down in the forrested area the mosquitoes were fierce.  Finally we went back up to the house & got to see a few real gardens:
Weirdest part was this little section:
Which we were debating whether it was for priosoners?  Extremly low servants?  Just storage (then why the windows?)?
We knew storms had been forcast for the day, luckily we got back to the cities without getting poured on, although the sky was doing some weird stuff:
We passed this car on the way home, and although these pictures really doesn't do it justice, the first thing of course that came to my mind was, "how can I do that on my nails?"  It really was shimmery & had a lot of depth:
A little later in the evening, me & Mom left my grandparent's house just about 15 minutes too late & got hit super-hard on the way home.  Blinding, torrential rain, unending buckets from the sky, and standing water deep enough that I'm extremly grateful I didn't actually get stuck.  It eventually settled down, but even then, lightning continued to light up the night sky in awesome fashion.  So I got out the camera & used up the rest of my batteries taking some video:
So yeah.  Nature is awesome =)
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  1. Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing! I would love to figure out how to do that on my nails too!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You should definitely figure out how to do that on your I can do it too. :)

  3. NIKKI, ZARA - I'm still brainstorming LOL ... maybe I'll come up with something! & if I do I'll make a tutorial =)

  4. Maybe you can use a krackpolish. We don't have those kind of brands in France, we order it on a US website ;)

  5. ELISE - that might work - I don't have any cracking polish yet but I want some for sure!


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