Saturday, July 3, 2010

NOTD: Finger Paints Spun Sugar + BM21 & BM14

This was not one of my favorites from the past week.  I started out with Finger Paints Spun Sugar, I think this was 3 coats & still a little streaky & VNL, but it was too late for me to add a 4th coat if I wanted it dry enough to stamp on.  Which I did, because no way am I wearing plain white nails.  BO-RING LOL.  I added stamping with Red & Blue Pearl Konad Special Polish, and Bundle Monster plates bm21 (the larger image) &bm14 (the smaller stars):

Very nice for the holiday but just not interesting enough to keep me from taking it off - I only wore this for Tuesday.  Thanks for reading.




    Great mani!!!

  2. I must agree with Lily and Brooke, Great mani and I looooooove this mani as well :) You really hit the red, WHITE and blue theme with this patriotic mani your imagination is wonderful Colette ! I find a plain white mani refreshing and unique as not many ladies sport white polished fingernails. Please continue the great work on your blog Colette it's wonderful and you really show your off your talant, skill and ability to make plain nails a work of art ;).


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