Monday, July 12, 2010

NOTD: Zoya Anastasia

So, do you ever pick up something that's really too hot to be picking up, so you kind of grab it with your nails, and then realize later it was in fact so hot that it melted your polish off??  I seems to do so at least a few times a week LOL, this morning's culprit was a bagel hot out of the toaster, that I was trying to maneuver mass quantities of butter onto.  Fortunately I only had 2 casualties, a corner on my index & a corner on my thumb, and they didn't look too bad they just felt distractingly rough until I filed them a tad LOL.

From my recent exchange hauls, this is Zoya Anastasia.  Some lights it looked more dark mauve, sometimes almost bronze.  Stamping done with China Glaze 2030 & m40:

Was going to do a marble but it got late on me so it got bumped to tomorrow.  I put another slideshow together too, that I haven't gotten around to putting up here but you can check out on YT.  Thanks for reading =)



  1. I have actually never done that, probably because my nails are too nubby to pick up anything on their own. Also, maybe I don't toast my bagels that hot. ;D Anastasia looks lovely, and I'm kind of wishing I got it in the swap. Next year! :)

  2. I did that yesterday - picking up a quesadilla from the hot comal with my fingernails... because I didn't want to burn my fingers. The quesadilla was worth it though. Yum!

  3. Anastasia is beautiful! I have one myself :)

  4. It's still on my wishlist, it's beautiful! I like the subtle stamping as well.

  5. I burn my hands so much, mostly from cooking for my girls, lol.

    Your nails are gorgeous!

  6. OH my goodness such a lovely shade and it's so cool when a polish takes on more then one color. It doesn't matter what shade or color adorns your beautiful long fingernails Colette their always lovely, gooooorgeous, elegant and classy !


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