Thursday, July 8, 2010

TOTD: Essie Mesmerize + Sinful Pearl Harbor

Just another quick post, as I am already running late & need to do a fresh mani.  I wore Essie Mesmerize on my toes plain for a few days:
And I like it, but it started getting kind of boring to me, so I decided to sparklify it with Sinful Pearl Harbor, which is so gorgeous on & so hard to capture in pics:
On another small note, last night the patch on my big break failed & I'd already decided I wasn't patching it again, so I've got a nub on my right index at the moment.  Patch lasted over a week and a half though, so it's not as bad as it was when it first happened.  I did file down the rest of my right hand, but not quite as short as the index.  I can live with 1 uneven nail for a couple of weeks - on my non-modeling hand no less, and I haven't shot a water marble tut since the break ironically.
Thanks for reading.


  1. it looks so good =)
    i am so happy to have ordered exactly this blue essie nail polish :)
    but i have to wait until it's at home....

  2. Very pretty with your skintone. I'm living with nubbins at the moment for the first time in about a year too (Mine were nowhere near as long as your nails though).

  3. Oh such a shame about the nail :(
    like the Essie blue and the sinful glitter, bet it's sparkly in the sun :)

  4. Love the blue and the glitter looks great together. Sorry about the break. I'm nursing 2 breaks myself. Hopefully they last :)

  5. Pretty pedi...get you some Orly Nail Rescue in your stash...forget the "Patch" get the rescue!

  6. Love, love Pearl Harbor!

    I used it in this mani:

  7. EVERYONE - Thank you =)

    ELIZABETH - I may pick some up next time I'm at Sally's, although I think you're not supposed to use acetone remover with that stuff? Which is part of the reason I like the gel+patches, they hold up so well with all my polish changing.

    FRESHIE - That's a cute mani!


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