Saturday, July 24, 2010

OMF'ingG Awesome Coolness!!!

I thought I'd have more time to post tonight ... but I have a very good reason for being distracted - I made Partner on YouTube!  I had literally this afternoon resigned myself to having to wait, after reading on the forums that people were waiting 3 months & MORE ... then I get home from the grandparent's & there's this lovely acceptance notice!  I applied in early June, so it still took like a month & a half, but quicker than I was anticipating.  LOL too bad I am not prepared! XD  I've got to make like, banners & such... which I knew, in theory, for but some reason it never occurred to me that maybe I should get on that & have them ready.
So I've been reading technical stuff & considering what I want my banner to look like & bouncing giddily in my chair instead of editing pics & experimenting with colors for my challenge mani - well, color, I can't decide which one I want my accent to be.  Which basically means that tomorrow will be more blogging & less laziness than planned.  Here's what I have backlogged to post:
  • Haul that was a week old Thursday
  • Bonsai trees from the trip to the zoo
  • Garden & storm pics from last Saturday
  • PHD Challenge mani which I still haven't done ... as of right now I have ~23.5 hours to get my ass in gear & finish
  • New pedi because On the Wild Side chipped yesterday
  • Probably other stuff I'm forgetting because I'm sleep deprived ...
Anyway, I'll be a busy girl.  I also have a book that's over a week overdue to the library, but I almost finished it today, I only have like 20 pages to go so I need to do that tomorrow also & return it before my account gets suspended LOL. 
Now, I was going to leave this post pic-less, then I remembered that I snapped these on the way home - another slightly wonky panoramic shot, storm clouds coming in from the southwest:
They are now overhead & rumbling most ominously =)  I think it will be good to sleep to as long as it stays on the mellow side.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Awww congrats hunni!! You deserve it!!!

  2. Grats Colette your videos are awesome :)

  3. Congratulations! Can't wait to watch!

  4. Congratulations! Your tutorials are great. :)

  5. That's so exciting! I'm not quite sure what it means to be a partner though, we don't have that option here in Finland. You get some commercial gain on the vids or something maybe? But I do know you need to me a true guru to get to be a partner and You ARE, so warm congratulations :)

  6. CONGRATS! but I thought the PHD challenge was over at midnight

  7. congrats on your partnership look for to more and loner videos

  8. EVERYONE - Thanks! I never imagined my channel would take off like this when I started!

    DOO - Thank you =) although automatic enabling of revenue sharing is part of it, some of the other stuff I'm looking forward to is custom thumbnails, and vids longer than 10 mins - although I don't know that I'd normally need that, mine are usually under 5.

    JANNA - normally the deadline is Friday midnight, but since she didn't get it up until Tues she extended to Saturday midnight. I've got to get busy LOL I'm still not done.

    SHELL - I don't know that I really need to go over 10 for most of mine, but it's awesome to have th toption now =)

  9. hi, i´m male but interested how lacquer can be used with water!! I think i can transfer this technic to another material than nails: wood.

    Im working in a sheltered workshop in Germany and we are building wooden colored bird tables. i will be trying. and i hope to give u the state of progress sometime!

    thanks a lot for this inspiring idea!



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