Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NOTD: Zoya Kotori

I thought a dark blue, which I always like on my nails, would be a good way to ease into my nubbins.  I was wrong.  I hated this mani while I had it on.  Not the color's fault.  Maybe I was still adjusting ... I don't know.  I like it better in pics that when I was actually wearing it.  I put on Zoya Kotori & was just underwhelmed.  I thought if I added a little diagonal interest, it might make my nails look a little longer ... so I added a triangle of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.  It helped ... but not enough for me.  I'm happier with what I have now, but you'll have to wait for tomorrow to see that =)
I also have to mention, I was comparing my nails with my mom while we both had no polish on, and it was hilarious but I didn't have my camera.  Either she has little kid hands, or I have Amazon hands, or maybe both LOL.  But we talked about how 6mm of free edge on me is nowhere near what 6mm of free edge would be on her.  I'll have to try & get a pic later to post up.
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  1. It's so gorgeous :) That hidden treasure can make almost everything more exciting and interesting ^^

  2. I LOVE the triangle of Hidden Treasure you added, that really adds something special to it!

  3. I love it with that little bit of Hidden Treasure!

  4. Colette, please I mean no disrespect or to be hurtful or deragatory but.....what were you thinking with this shade ?

  5. EVERYONE - Thanks!

    DAVE - LOL usually dark blue is one of my favorite colors on my nails, this one just didn't quite live up to my expectations.


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