Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Belated Birthday Treat

Well, it's been a while since I teased & taunted you with deliciousness ... Diane at work was busy last week, she apologized that she didn't have time to make me a cake - but that she would make me one this week!  I was super-happy because Diane makes homemade ice cream cakes:

Mmmmm, drool-worthy deliciousness =)  They're always a little different & always delicious.  This one had graham cracker crust, cookies & cream ice cream, more crust that might have been cookies, fudgy stuff, chocolate ice cream, and somewhere in there some Heath bar I think, all topped off with whipped cream.  She's awesome =)

Thanks for reading.



  1. YUMM!! And happy belated birthday, Colette!!!

  2. O_O OOOOH. *wipes drool* Colette, that looks so yummy! and...HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!! ♥

  3. *wipes off drool* you're making me hungry ^^

  4. OMG that looks soooo good. Happy belated birthday!


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