Saturday, July 10, 2010

NOTD: PHD Summer Sponging Challenge (Entry 1 - Summer Sunset)

I'm having a ton of fun participating in these challenges.  This week's challenge was summer sponging, and you can check out PHD's Challenge Gallery HERE.  I decided to do 2 entries this week - and the Black Dolphins of Death on a Sea of Lava were actually a failed version of my first entry.

For my summer sunset, I started out this time with the yellow base that I should have used the first time, BB Couture Pina Colada.  Then I sponged with Tequila Sunrise to the middle, and Sex on the Beach at the tip.  I didn't take a pic of Pina Colada alone, but I wasn't too impressed with it to be honest, it would either need a ton of coats, or maybe a white base to start with, if I were going to wear it alone.  It was very patchy & uneven at 3 coats, but fine for my purpose since the sponging covered most of it up.  For stamping I used Konad Black Special polish & Bundle Monster plate bm01.  This is the exact same color & plate combination as the Dolphins, for a very different result:

I liked it ... but there were still a few things I would have changed.  I kind of liked the sun image more into the yellow, like it ended up on my thumb ... but then I thought maybe I would have liked the actual image at my tip instead of the base, so maybe I should have left yellow on my tips & gradated to red at my cuticle?

Stay tuned for my 2nd entry!  Thanks for reading =)



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