Monday, June 21, 2010

NOTD: Claire's Dreamsicle + BM11

I don't know why I picked orange again... one of my least favorite colors.  But it caught my eye, and I quite like it - except for the fact that it is a jelly, and after 3 rather generous coats I still have VNL (visible nail line).  So, to disguise things, I grabbed a Bundle Monster plate & stamped with Red Konad Special Polish & bm11.  The natural lamp shot is most color accurate, but I think the jelly finish really shows most in the sunlight:

Currently blooming nature shot of the day, red lillies:

Thanks for reading =)



  1. WOW Colette, this is a very elegant and beautiful manicure, I love the two colours you have used. I have this BM plate and various orange shades. Hope you don't mind if I try this. TFS. Pram xx

  2. Very pretty! The atamping made it look very romantic. Beautiful lilies too. Ours have yet a week or so before coming into bloom.

  3. atamping? No! I meant stamping... Sorry!

  4. I love peach colored oranges!! The stamping image just made it all beautiful :)

  5. I love that color! I would totally rock that! Is the Claire's polish longlasting?

  6. Now my red lilies are in full bloom and I actually thought of you when I looked at them. :D
    Still impressed with your blog. Beautiful nail and designs, nice taste n books, cute cat.

  7. EVERYONE - Thanks!

    PKBMUM - I don't mind at all - go for it! =)

    WOOHONEY - My manis don't usually last more than a day or 2 before I get bored so I'm really not sure - sorry!


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