Monday, June 7, 2010

NOTD: Milani 3D

OK, so I totally FAILED at blogging all weekend.  I had all these plans (as usual) & got caught up doing something that just took HOURS on Saturday.  I will share it here because I love you guys & if you laugh, trust me that you are laughing with me because I already laughed at myself.  I spent these hours reorganizing my nail art wheels from Bundle Monster, sorting so that all the beads were together, all the round rhinestones together etc.  This would have taken long enough if I didn't also have to sort the ones that had gotten mixed together, but I'm far too anal to allow for example red sequins in with the blue star-shapes.  By the end I had a huge crick in my neck but was very pleased with my neat & tidy results =)  Then I was going to post yesterday, but I ended up reading ... ALL DAY.  LOL I stayed up really late since I didn't have to work today & actually did finish the book.  There was just so much kept happening that I couldn't put it down.  So I'm sorry for being AWOL for a bit but I quite enjoyed playing hooky.

On to the nails.  I only got a few pics of this, and I apologize for the one that makes my paper cut look so ginormous, but it was the one that showed the holo best.  So far, this is the least holographic of all the colors in the collection, Milani 3D, stamping done with Color Club Black & Konad image plate m67:

Thanks for reading =)



  1. auch, papercut. I have those allll the time, I'm a clumsy office employee. Gold looks great on you!

  2. Hey, a day to read and have for yourself is healthy!!!

    I love that Milani. Very hot!

  3. Did you get the papercut from your book? :P You take such great pics...

  4. That's okay sometimes we need a day to ourselves to do other things. Besides your nails are too gorgeous and we won't forget ya!
    Your mani is beautiful as always :)

  5. they say that a papercut is the trees last revenge ;) (theres even a facebook group with that phrase :o)

    I love this shade on you and am really impressed by the lenght of your nails

  6. This is GORGEOUS!!! and I can't wait to see a stash picture once you break 1,000 - OMG!!! I'd love to see how you have them all organized too :D

    What book were you reading? I feel like I spent all day yesterday reading... as soon as I got home from work in the am I read, then I did yard work, then I read, then I had dinner, then I read, then I got in bed and read until I fell asleep!! haha - great day :D

  7. EVERYONE - Thanks =)

    ROBYN - LOL, no it wasn't from my book, I got it at work.

    BROOKE - It's been a while, but I think it must have been Bullet (Anita Blake series). Because that's what came out beginning of June, and I had to read it quick so Mom also had time to read it while I had it from the library LOL =)


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