Saturday, June 19, 2010

NOTD: Fireball Water Marble + Tutorial

This wasn't my original color scheme, but I like it =)  For Polish Hoarder Disorder's Analogous Color Challenge, I chose yellow, yellow-orange & orange - Sally Hansen Hue, Orly Glitz (which standing alone I would call gold, but which fit the bill for yellow-orange when paired with the other 2 colors), & China Glaze Free Love:

Mmmm, swirly goodness =)  Here is the tutorial:

And last, a bonus pic for my animal-loving readers - you may be familiar with Monorail Cat of LOLcats fame.  Well, Frisky does a pretty good impression:

My cute little old princess (she is 19).  Seems like all she ever does is sleep but it's usually close to where I am.  If you listen carefully, you can hear her waking up shortly after I took this pic & meowing in the background of the tutorial LMAO.  Thanks for reading.



  1. OOH I love the swirly look on this. Also makes me think of candy :)

  2. i love it... waaaaaaa... i tried this swirls but Im always failed.. I'll watch ur video tutorial again & again..

  3. Love the color combo and the look of this marble design. Love the flower pics as well. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Aw... Hello Frisky! She's so adorable.

    Your nails look fantastic. The marbling reminds me of the storm spot on the surface of Jupiter. Very, very cool. :D

  5. Awsome nails and a really cute cat! My oldest is 15 and my youngest just 1 year old. In January I lost my oldest cat, she was over 20 years old and a marvellous personality. Cats are the best there is! Love my babies so much!

  6. Waooooh !! it's fantastic !! Awesome water marble again !! Nice cat : so cool!

  7. Great marble, thanks for the video !
    Your cat is toooo cute, I love calico cats ! :)

  8. i am not sure where to find the information box that talks about how to tape and removal of the tape and what to do after dipping.. i think i'm in love with this style of painting design and i'm just having trouble getting it all down and finding all the tips... because so far i have yet to get it to work lol....


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