Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NOTD: Claire's Dream Catcher + M73

I picked up a lot of mint greens over the spring.  I still have several to work through, but I really like this one.   It went on kind of craptastic, but Seche leveled everything out for the most part. I've read that it's close to being a dupe for Chanel Jade but as I have absolutely nothing Chanel I can neither confirm or deny from personal experience =)

I wore Claire's Dream Catch plain the first day.  It has a very subtle shimmer that doesn't show up very well in pics:

Second day I added some Konad.  Why isn't there a Konad or fauxnad creeping vine design?  Or maybe (probably) there's one out there & I just don't have it.  Then again, I'm always coming up with lists of things I wish I had a stamping plate for.  Anyway, this design was closest to what I wanted.  Konad plate m73 & Green Special Polish:

Also, I got my Zoya exchange haul in the mail today!!! Not sure if I'll get pics up tonight but they're coming soon!   Thanks for reading.



  1. Beautiful! :)

    I had the same problem with the formula of Dream Catcher...not a very user friendly polish.

  2. Great mani! I love it how you managed to stamp your nails. =)

  3. Very pretty green. What would we do without seche vite! Love the konad stamping. Did you have to double stamp? If so, you cannot tell :)

  4. Beautiful on you. Now. We need a tutorial on how on God's green planet you get those stamps to align so well seeing as your nails are sooooo long? Gorgeous!


  5. So gorgeous. Loooove the stamped version!

  6. Beautiful! I'm surprised how well you stamped so long nails. :)

  7. How pretty! I like the stamping.

    I tagged you for a blog award:

    I enjoy your blog, your lovely photos and your great tutorials.

  8. Love that they look like vines!

    BTW you're in my blogroll and I just tagged you for this award

  9. EVERYONE - Thank you all!

    RMCANDLELIGHT, MARI, TASSA - Thanks & yes, I always have to double-stamp. This design is pretty easy to match up compared to some of the others. It's all practice!

    ICE QUEEN & FRESHIE - Sorry I'm late but thank you both so much! I'll check them out =)


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