Sunday, June 13, 2010

TOTD: China Glaze Let's Groove

Just one pic of this ... I don't know what happened that I forgot to take more, other than my normal spazz-ness LOL.  I've still got this on, been wearing it for almost 2 weeks, but it's really no longer in good enough shape for macro close-ups =)  This is a perfect pedi color for me - China Glaze Let's Groove:

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  1. i absolutely LOVE let groove its one of my favorites!!!!! if was wondering how excited are you about vintage vixen?-like me crazy excited y'all!!! i have gossip column on my haul list at h2t and waiting until the CG VV drops. its helps when women of color nail blog cuz you know we are wondering how will that look on my skin tone,ETC. if you have opi "you dont know jacques"?could you post it one day for me--or better yet taupes in general. ttyl :)


    AAMINAHS MOM - I really like several of the colors from the Vintage Vixen, although I feel kind of like I should be on a no-buy LOL. I don't have YDKJ ... yet =)


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