Saturday, June 19, 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen Ultra HD Resolution.

Was going to use this in my entry for PHD's challenge this week, but it didn't work out.  I wanted to do yellow, yellow-green, green, and in the end decided this is more of a blue-green.  I ended up going yellow, yellow-orange, orange, and that fantastic creation will be up later =)

From the Ultra HD line, this is Sally Hansen Resolution.  From certain angles it has almost a flash of like pinkish duo-chrome, but it was really hard to capture in pics.  I got a little of it in the last pic but it doesn't do it justice. And yes, that little ding on my middle nail bugged me ALL DAY LONG but I did this right before bed & did not have time in the morning to fix it =(  I tried not to let it ruin my enjoyment of the color LOL, I really did like how vibrant this was:

Thanks for reading =)



  1. WOW, your nails are getting so long... And this color actually looks nice. =D

  2. Looks really flattering on you! It almost looks a bit turquoise-y in some pics.

  3. I have the color laser and haven't tried it yet - I too couldn't passup the Walgreens display :)

  4. It's a really beautiful colour! I bought some HL-polish last summer and I really enjoy the colours and the finish. However I think they are a little difficult to paint with and some of them dry really slow...


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