Sunday, September 27, 2009

Naked Nails Update

I know it's a little early for my monthly naked nails series, but I've been kind of very dissatisfied with them lately & wanted to vent a little & talk about it.

I go back & forth between wanting to keep my length at any cost & just cutting them all down & starting from scratch ... you can see which little voice has won so far LOL. The patches irritate me no end - but at the end of the day, they're really not THAT much of a hassle, and if I do a really good job I've had a set last a full month without needing to be changed ... but lately I seem to be doing a crappy job, or else wearing stuff (like glitter) that requires so much extra polish remover that it makes the patches wear poorly. I really don't like having to change them once a week.

Here they are in fully naked "glory" ... click to enlarge & you can see the peeling I still have & all of the splits I'm dealing with right now =( It seems like every nail I've had with a bend in it, where it's finally starting to grow straight it tears.:

Here they are after being patched to within an inch of their lives ... 7 of 10 nails sporting Swiss Silk wraps & & IBD gel resin glue:

So you see, by no means do I have perfect nails ... I'm just stubborn =)

Also, I also like the questions that usually come up when I post naked nails ... I'm not the ultimate authority, but I enjoy the chance to share what I do know & what works for me, so if you have any nail-care questions, please feel free to comment or email & I'll do my best to help out. Thanks for reading.



  1. They look so beautiful - and so white! The glitter can work FOR you as well. When I had bad tears on my nails last summer I coated the side of the tip with polish and glitter and only changed the polish around it. So the patch could stay on and nail grow as usual underneath the glitter. Hard to describe in words but it looked neat. I try and find pics of it so I'll post them on my blog later today if you want to see, ok? For me it was a huge relief to be able to change the look and yet not change the patches every time :)

  2. DOO - Thanks for the pics - LOL at least I got around to commenting on them since it took me so long to get back to you here!

  3. Hey i have recently been looking at your youtube videos and started looking through your blog its awesome btw :D but I'm wondering how you get your nails to grow like that i know part of it is genetics and some people are born with bad nails. My problem isn't bitting them but they just seem to break after i can see them over the tips of my fingers. Is there any kind of nail treatment or special hardener that you use?!?!

  4. MEGAN - I actually take a biotin suppelment, 5000mcg/day. It helps nails grow stronger, but although I haven't had any trouble one of the side effects can be acne.

  5. collete i think your blog is wonderful, i have been wearing acrylic over my nails for 5 years and just decided to stop but they are soft and constantly breaks what do you suggest i do. I think i have beautiful nails.

  6. Thank you for doing a tutorial on patching and removing polish. Now let me go home and try it.

    Debbie D.

  7. loodie recommended Shellac to mend nails and it really works well. She just did videos in the past week or so. It allows the use of regular nail polish remover without disturbing the mend. Both Ulta and Sally's now have an expensive ($20) UV light amd I find this makes the repairs faster than waiting for gel to dry. Also you can do the repairs without needing to buff or file. For really bad breaks, I even use Gelish Structure to add an extra layer of strength.

  8. ANNANN - I have heard some good things about shellac online, but both people I know in real life had bad results & peeling nails after removing it, so I'm a little wary to try any myself =)

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  10. Hi Colette, What brand of base coat/ hardener do you use more often? Is there a particular base coat/ hardener that you can recommend as being an excellent choice? Thanks in advance


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