Saturday, September 12, 2009

Awesome? Me?

Well, Diana of Painted Lady Fingers thinks so, and so does Chocaddict of Mon Coin a Moua =)

The rules are to give 10 random facts about me and select 10 blogs I read regularly. Hmmmm, seems like I only get a chance to really catch up on blogs on the weekend, I don't know if I can claim to read any regularly! But I highly advise checking out my blogroll, because when I do catch up, I go down the entire list =)

On to me ... well, I guess I've gotten more comfortable talking about myself, having 2 blogs, but this still was kind of tough.

1 - I'll start with a fact most of you already know, since I have an adorable pic to post - I have a cat, Frisky, who is 18 years old & what I don't think I've posted before is that I found her as a kitten in the tree in our front yard when I was 10 years old. She's a polydactl spoiled princess (poly-what? take a look at her feet here) and has made several appearances on the blog.

2 - I can't stand coffee - which is fine since caffeine has absolutely no effect on me anyway - but I have almost an entire drawer full of tea at work. Off the top of my head, flavors include: Plantation Mint, Peppermint, Vanilla Chai, Chocolate Caramel Enchantment, Acai Mango Zinger, French Vanilla, Tangerine, Apple Cider, Madagascar Vanilla Red, & Eggnog - and that's maybe about half of them LOL.

3 - I am sadly the most extremely single person I know ... 3 years & counting. I guess by choice, since I'm not exactly looking at the moment, but I really wouldn't object if I happened to run into someone oh ... tall, dark, handsome & rich at the grocery store or something =)

4 - I have pretty severe asthma, which is under control currently but has put me in the hospital 3 times in the past. Nowadays all it really does is keep a serious dent in my wallet paying for the meds that let me keep breathing.

5 - I (luckily? unluckily?) live with my parents. On a good day I know that it's logical & everyone wins with our resources (money) combined in one household ... on a bad day I think maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be stuck in a crap apartment living on ramen & Kool-Aid just to have more of my own space.

6 - I'm allergic to tree nuts. That means I can eat peanuts (which grow underground I think) & cashews (which apparently grow on some kind of bush) but have to stay away from walnuts & pecans unless I want to swell up & get itchy.

7 - I love cooking & baking but don't do either very often because I hate cleaning up =) Although I do have plans to make cake balls for Halloween ... I'm thinking chocolate cake with orange coating & maybe ordering some better food pens & turn them into little jack o lanterns.

8 - I have a lot of hobbies I don't indulge in very often because I just don't have time for everything ... for example I've started drawing more often since I started my other blog, but I can't remember the last time I finished a cross-stitch.

9 - I enjoy yoga. I have DVDs of the series Namaste Yoga, which is a style where the movements flow tidally with your breathing. I don't do it as often as I should, even though whenever I do fit it in I'm happy that I did afterwards.

10 - Because it all comes back to the polish =) My stash recently passed the 700-bottle mark. I finally got around to adding my last hauls to my spreadsheet (yes, I said spreadsheet), and they put me at exactly 700 ... and then I kind of bought some more & now I'm at 708 =) I know I'm on a no-buy, but does it really count as breaking it if I kept it under $10.00?? Pics of that little haul coming later of course.

Well, hope I didn't bore anyone too much with the long, picture-lacking ramble of a post LOL. Maybe more than anyone wanted to know but then again maybe not; I know I am always interested to know about the people behind the nails of the blogs I read.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Nice list! But "extremely single"? Try 31 years old without even one date, then we'll talk. Come to think of it - you kinda know me, so now you're not the most extremely single person you know anymore! ;)

  2. Your cat is so adorable! 18! What a great long life! It was nice to read about you as I think I've visited your blog before but somehow I ended up back and reading back posts and wanted to say hello, and that I'm adding you to my blogroll :) PS - if you make those ball cakes, I hope you post pictures! :)

  3. Would had loved living a bit longer with my mum before moving, but when i was 17 i was in such a rush to get out, really regret that now.. buuut on the other hand i have been living with here after that and it was hard living by someone elses rules all of the sudden so i was quickly out of there again. But would be nice to save some money each month on the rent :) Nice answers, was fun to read about you ;)

  4. NIXXY - LOL OK you have me beat =)

    BEAUTYJUDY - I will for sure post pics!

    RIJAH - Glad you enjoyed =)

  5. Hello again to Frisky and her cute feet! I adore the smell of coffee and do love to drink it. Only 2 cups a day. I'm as extremely single as Nixxy. That's one hell of a load of polish! How long have you been collecting it? I love color and I think that's why I buy it all. If I had talent painting I might be satisfied with just that. Sorry you have such bad asthma. Mine came from getting bronchitis. I just use the inhalers and I'm okay. I only thought asthma was the belabored breathing and wheezing. My doctor said there were many symptoms. I get wheezy and tight chest. It must be so horrible for you. I've never ended up in the hospital thank God. Thanks for sharing with us. It's been wonderful getting to know more about you.

  6. LUCY - Some of my polish is 15+ years old, but really the majority of it I've purchased over the last year, since I discovered nail blogs (AKA lemming-starters), started my own, and started doing my nails more often.

  7. Frisky is adorable! My kitty was the same calico colors as Frisky, but long hair. She passed in '07 of hyperthyroidsm when she was only 10. My orange kitty I have left is 14. I also have little time for crochet, knitting, drawing/painting, etc. I spend most free time on my nails. I live at home with Mom and Dad too, and eventually I hope you get a partner who will give you lots of time and space/storage for your nails!


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