Monday, September 14, 2009

Toes x2

... because I realized when I was going through some pics that I never posted up my last pedi, so I have that old one plus my new current one.

First, here's the old one, which I only got a couple of pics although I had it on a full week. This was really nice & bright on the toes. Misa's Right Here Now, No More Later:

Next, the pedi that only lasted 1 day ... a very rare occurrence for me, since I hate doing my toes, but this just wasn't making me happy ... I like bright toes, but this just ended up a little too yellow for my mood. Misa Let's Go Green:

I was going to spice it up with one of the green NYX Girls glitters that I picked up, but I ended up switching the whole thing & am very pleased with the result. Pics tomorrow =)

Thanks for reading.



  1. Oh Misa Lets Go Green is soooo pretty :D Very summerly ;D

  2. I just love the range and formula of Misa's colors. I really like right here right now.

  3. Love both pedicure looks. I hope when I try Right Her,Right Now it won't be to yellow for me. I tried a NYX shade that was in this color family and I looked awful in it. I never could understand what people were talking about with the skin thing. Well my skin thing looked sick and not sick in a good way.

  4. RIJAH - It is - I think I would have liked it better another time =)

    DENNY - They have great polish - I've picked up a couple every online haul I've made I think LOL

    LUCY - I hope the color works for you =)


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