Sunday, September 6, 2009

Guest NOTD: Sally Hansen Chrome

I've done quite a bit of photo-editing & posting today, so I'm going to keep this brief but ending on a nail note =) Tee came over & we did her nails with this old Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup, in Royal Purple Chrome:

Thanks for reading =)



  1. I wish Sally Hansen still made Chromes, and Prism polish. Michelle

  2. What a beautiful color ! I usually having trubbles foils, but this one seems so smooth !

  3. I just posted something similar on my blog :D but I like yours much more!

  4. Wait does that bottle say nail makeup? LOL Thats funny! What a pretty purple!

  5. MICHELLE - Sally Hansen used to make polishes that were much more interesting than what they've put out lately, I cherish all my old bottles =)

    TULI - One thing that seems to work for me is to apply it kind of thick & then apply Seche right away so that it self-levels away the brush strokes.

    ALLYOUDESIRE - I like the color you used too, I am a sucker for purples =)

    ADOREPINK - LOL yes I don't know why they decided the chromes were nail makeup instead of polish LOL.

  6. That is a gorgeous shade. I love the metallic finish on the polish. Tee's nails look lovely. Your really teaching your polish models to pose well!

  7. LUCY - I'll pass along the compliment, she is always self-concious when I make her pose =)


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