Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Little Haul

I thought I could hold out, but today I had this irresistible urge ... to track down some glitter =) Though I only ended up getting 1:

Right to left: China Glaze Atlantis & Twenty-Four K, Nina Ultra Pro Leaf Me Alone & Last Call. The other glitters in the Sally display - I think it's called Glitters & Chromes or something kind of generic - didn't call to me as much. And as for the chromes ... I may pick up the silver, but I am now on a total mission for what looks like - going by the display picture - a light teal chrome which I don't even know the name of & haven't seen around on the blogs yet. All 3 Sallys that I went to were sold out of this particular color. I've got 2 more Sallys in my immediate area to check out this week & attempt to stalk down this lemming, I'm hoping with 3 bottles per display I'll luck out at one of them.

On another note, anyone watch Biggest Loser? While I think it's gotten rather over-dramatized the past few seasons, I'll admit to watching most of the season premiere ... and seeing Jillian (one of the trainers) wearing gold Minx =) I immediately perked up & was trying to get my mom to see, but of course they refused to show a good shot of her nails again (how dare they?). By the end of the show, she'd switched to a dark but vibrant blue ... anyone else catch themselves noticing nails all the time on TV?

Tips & toes coming in short order - thanks for reading.



  1. I always paid attention to the polishes worn on my soap, All My Children. Since getting addicted to all these nail polish blogs, I am paying more attention to tv nails. I noticed Jillian's nails at last season's finale, they were a metallic silver! I hear so much about Sally's on blogs, I wish there was one near me!! Michelle

  2. I thought that's what she had on her nails but wasn't sure. My bf makes fun of me b/c nails are always the first thing I notice. He says to me you just had to notice her nails lol.

    I agree about the drama thing too. Seeing Tracy (I think that's her name) pass out immmediately made me think of the guy that passed out last season.

  3. I'm also picking up on some nails on TV also. I even recognize the bottles of polish sometimes. Now that is really getting crazy. I want Atlantis. I bought 5 glitters from VNS but they didn't have that one. I'd love to see 24K swatched. I love a real nice gold polish.

  4. MICHELLE - Sally's can be great but frustrating too, right now I am hunting for more of the "Sally exclusive" colors & being met with nothing but failure!

    TAMI - The other thing I hate is all the repitition - showing the same stuff before AND after commercials & drawing the show out to make it 2 hours. And yet there's still something about it I like to watch LOL.

    LUCY - Gold is one color I didn't have as much as I expected when I sorted everything by color, so I kind of "need" more =)


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