Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fair Food Round 2

So, when we originally went to the fair, my grandma had purchased some pre-order discount tickets - but forgot them at home. She thought she'd be able to get rid of them, but no one wanted them, so we decided to go again!

I didn't take pics of anything that I showed before, but between the 4 of us (my dad had to work) we still got a lot of new food. Hope no one is hungry LOL.

Cinnamon roll & frosting:

Scotch egg (hard boiled egg inside of sausage):

Chocolate shake:

Cappuccino ice cream & mini-doughnuts:

Beer & Chicago-dog:

Strawberry Hawaiian Ice:

Maple-flavored soda (OMG, delicious!)

Deep-fried pickles:

Funnel cake:

With my mission of taking pictures of all the sculpture, there was also some foo I missed; kettle corn, pork chop on a stick, caramel apple bowl just to name a few. So another busy day. I got another shot of the crowd from about the same vantage of the first one - it was a lot more crowded since it was a weekend instead of weekday:

And, just before we left, the sunset:

Next are the sculptures! Thanks for reading.



  1. I love cinnamon rolls!!! Oh how can you do this to me! I swear it's originally my Mother's fault. When she was pregnant with me she ate tons of cinnamon buns and sprinkle cinnamon on everything. I love anything with cinnamon in it. Except I don't like the hot cinnamon candies. She also ate huge Jewish pickles. I do love them also but I have to stay away from them because of the salt. Those fried pickles look delicious. I've only tasted a little piece of funnel cake. Looks delicious. The only thing that doesn't tempt me is beer. That I don't like.

  2. LUCY - If it makes you feel better, these pics are torture for me now too!

  3. Deep fried pickles? That just can't be right. My mouth puckers just thinking about it!

  4. SELINA - I was pretty skeptical too, but I tried one & it was actually pretty yummy =)


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