Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Laugh For The Day

Every now & then, I feel the need to share my daily dose of humor, and today's is from Lolcats. I think you all know I love purple, and cats, so if neither of those is true for you personally, you might not find this as amusing as I did.

moar funny pictures

Hehehe. If you didn't laugh at this, I hope you had something else to laugh at today. Laughing is almost as important as a good manicure =)

Next post is number 200! Talk about OMG ... I don't have anything super-special, but I will have a holo for NOTD =) So loads of pics forthcoming. Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. I love cats and my favorite color is purple! I definitely loved the pic. Thanks for the info on holos, I found CG Wireless Holographic Top Coat, so I'm happy. I'm kind of a clear polish girl (with konading on top), so it gives me just a sheer holo look. I'm looking forward to seeing the holo you're gonna do for post 200! Thanks again, Michelle.

  2. HA HA HA!!! I just clicked the link!!! Canon Bol!!!!! That one killed me! Michelle (me again)
    PS: that broccoli clip hits close to home, one mine has a "thing" for broccoli too. Nice to know she's not as weird as I thought.

  3. Heheh always enjoy some lolcats humour ^^ makes me think of ceiling cat.

  4. MICHELLE - Glad you got your holo fix!

    CLOCKWORK - =) I go everyday ... sometimes as work if I just need something to make me feel less like strangling somone LOL

  5. That is so cute and funny. I also love that shade of purple!

  6. LUCY - I actually have a purple blanket like this =)


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