Saturday, September 19, 2009

Small Haul

I went back to Sally's ...

Left to right: China Glaze Millennium, Nova, & Medallion. I got Medallion to go with 24k, as I think was intended, although Cleopatra would go nicely also. The one I stopped at didn't have Cleopatra or I might have snatched that also. I got the other 2 ... just because =). Still no sign of Muse (the light turquoise Chrome).

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  1. Wow Colette! I love all three of these! Can't wait to see how they look. Are these from the new batch of 50 glitters and chromes from CG I have been hearing about on the nail polish blogs? I have been looking and looking for a silver polish, and could not find one! Is Millennium a chrome? Michelle

  2. wow I need to get my hands on Millennium!

  3. Small haul yes, but you chose very nice colors. Can´t wait to see them on you :)

  4. MICHELLE - Yes, they're from the new colrs - I've heard some talk that these are Sally exculsives, but I've seen all the glitters available on Victoria's Nail Supply, although not the chromes - Millenium looks to be a really nice chrome, I'm thinking along the lines of the formula that the Romantique collection had. I hope it's good for Konad also =)

    CRISSY - It's a great silver, more true silver than for example Devotion, which has like a hint of a purple cast to it.

    ALLYOUDESIRE - Thanks, I'm wearing one of them my next mani I think but haven't decided which!

  5. Oooh, I'm so curious about the Khrome collection! I have the glitters, the chromes are next on my hunt. Small but good, Colette!

  6. I ordered all of the glitters this weekend. I just couldn't help myself. I have a glitter addiction. I needed to break in my new debit card. I did it in a big way.

  7. NICOLE - The only one I really wanted but couldn't find was Muse ... I'm hoping it turns up online eventually

    LUCY - Wow, what a haul!


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