Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Glitters

So, I have to blame this little haul on grandma. She tells me she was at the drugstore, and saw a whole display of glitter polishes. She didn't know what brand, but yes, all glitter. So when I left this week I made a detour to her drugstore on the way home. Turns out this display is of NYX Girls polish. I've seen NYX swatched on other blogs but this was the first time I'd run across the brand IRL ... these were only a dollar each, so I didn't feel too bad picking up 8:

Now, I believe the normal NYX polish has names & numbers - unfortunately no such luck with the Girls line. Top left to right: CN229, CN242, CN248, CN235. Bottom: CN241, CN228, CN246, CN247. I stuck mostly with regular glitters, although I couldn't resist the little holo flowers. They also had several colors of bar-glitters, stars, hearts, and some chunkier regular glitter that didn't appeal to me.

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  1. These are really great! I have just two, want to buy more. Your grandma is super!

  2. those were nice glitz it..

  3. These look like a great glitter !

  4. ^_^ your mom makes great polish finds in garage sales and now your grandma is an enabler for your polish addiction :) I love them... no really I do, because thanks to them we get to see your cool pictures lol!

  5. ALLYOUDESIRE - They're so cheap it's hard to resist loading up =)

    THRISZHA - Thanks =)

    TULI - I think I may use one of the greens over my pedi, so we'll see soon

    CHOCADDICT - LOL =) They are both great

  6. How nice to have your Grandma on the lookout for you. I love all those glitters. I like the bottom polish that is clear. I like the little multi-colored pieces in it. Yea Grandma!

  7. Grandma did a great job! What drugstore did she find them at? I haven't seen any NYX's anywhere!

  8. LUCY - She's great, I don't think she quite gets my obsession, but she's still supportive =)

    NESSA - I'm not sure where NYX is usually available, the place I got them is called Center Drug - it is a local small pharmacy, not a chain store.


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