Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NOTD: Layla Black Metal Magneffect Polish

This one I remember very fondly & I do have something to say about - it was at the time, and still is, my favorite magnetic polish that I've worn to date.  The contrast is just so dramatic & as you will be able to see in the PiM (Polish in Motion), it's 3-dimensional & just generally awesome.  Layla Black Metal Magneffect Polish:

Here's the vid:

I have, at this point, a ton of magnetic polishes.  And while I have yet to wear many of them, I think this one will reign on top for quite a while =)

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  1. I'm with you! I love this color. I can tell the contrast is great! Love it!

  2. Looks really nice!

  3. Now that is an effect! Looks beautiful on you!

  4. Beautiful! Screams steel/metal to me :)

  5. that one is def the most amazing one! i need it!

  6. Do we get the magnet to get the effect when we buy the polish ? Are should we buy it separate ? If so, Coukd you please tell me where to buy the magnet for this ?


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