Friday, October 7, 2011

NOTD: Halloween Orange & Black French Tip Water Marble + Tutorial

I have always received a lot of requests for french tip marbling, and somehow just never got around to it - until now.  Pretty happy overall with how it turned out although I still see room for improvement.  Base color is Finger Paints Prints & Printsess, marbling done with P&P & Orly Liquid Vinyl:

Favorite nails are left pinky, left index (the ideal design IMO, what I'd like them all to look like), left thumb & right index:

Here's the tutorial:
Lots more Halloween designs to come.  I posted an old slideshow on YouTube of NOTDs from October 2009 & generated a lot of requests for tutorials for those old designs, but I already have a whole list of new designs so it will be a little competition with myself how many I manage to get done before the holiday =)
Thanks for reading.


  1. So freaking awesome!

  2. hey ur super cool in doing nail art..m loving it

  3. Which nail polish do you recommended that i use when you do these. I've tried ones with thoes I have at home, some works but others are just as balls that sink down to the bottom of the bowl. Is there something I'm doing that is wrong? (Sorry if my english-writing is bad but i hope you understand)

  4. My girls and I love watching your tutorials. Where did you buy the little plastic bowl? We haven't been able to find it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. This is Awesome! I was just gonna try a black and orange design. This video is perfect for it!! Thanks!

  6. KIM - not every color will work. some polish sinks because it’s too dense, other times it is from dripping it from too high up, try to stay close to the surface of the water =)

    COLLEEN - it's actually a disposable paper cup - 5 oz size =)


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