Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NOTD: Orly Royal Velvet

Orly Royal Velvet is from this spring's Precious collection - it's beautiful, and it is a duo-chrome, but it was very difficult to photograph - it's dark blue-purple, and as I know my fellow bloggers are aware, purples like to pretend they're blue on camera.  But there are a few shots that give just a hint of how awesome this is in person:

Thanks for reading =)


  1. Agreed on that overcast shot! Beautiful duochrome!

  2. I LOVE this polish, it's one of my favorites that I own! Pictures just don't do it justice!

  3. How lovely! I like the subtlety of the color shift.

  4. Your pictures are always great!

    And I tagged you for an award too, haha :)


  5. Really like your nails! Please check out my blog, i'm from sweden but my blog have a translator! (It's not always accurate btw) :)

  6. This is still an untried but its gorgeous on you!!!

  7. This is also a favorite of mine. Looks beautiful on you.


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