Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Should Have Skipped the Konad (NOTD: Nubar Absolute + bm02)

I never learn my lesson.  Or at least, not well enough.  I don't know, I did a test on some paper & thought this combo would work out ...  I showed my mom & she just laughed at me & said she couldn't see anything.  It was like, just obvious enough to bug me all day that I hadn't left well enough alone...  Nubar Absolute  - from the Prisms collection - with nigh-invisible stamping done with Bundle Monster image plate bm02 & Psyche Pink Special Polish:

At times I feel fated to have a fail after I do a really awesome manicure - just like at times I feel that having an awesome manicure exponentially raises my odds of breaking a nail LOL (for example I just recently broke my right pinky while wearing the Purple Fanatic marble).
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  1. Haha that's so funny =) I DO see traces of pink... But yes not ideal. I guess it's not compatible to put light colored stamps on prismatic, holographic polish if they are kind of light themselves?

    That's a lovely color on you though. Love it. *adds to lemming list*

  2. I definitely see traces of pink.. Not sure what the stamp is - but I do like it.. It looks like you added in subtle pink traces!

    I am really starting to think I need to get my mitts on some nubar polish!!

  3. Please please, make a video how you do the double stamping with konad!!! Your patterns look so good, I'm trying and I'm trying and it looks like it was done by 2years old child. The last one, pink m78 konad on Orly Out of This World it's amazing!!!!!! I can't figure it out how did you put two stamps so perfectly matching to each other.

  4. There's a pink shadow on the right side... I thought that was the holo effect!
    Greetings from Barcelona ;-)

  5. is the psyche pink the really bright one? i tried to use it last night and it would't work :(

  6. I forget how beautiful this polish is. Need to go and dig it up!

  7. As already requested above can you please do a tutorial on double stamping with Konad? Thanks xxx

  8. I have my new BM plates right here; yours is one with the curly design right? I can still see it! Subtle brocade design. But the Pysche Pink does stamp lighter than their other pink. Well, that happens once in a while! Your other ones are awesome in the majority! I've been putting a regular topcoat on first so I can take off any mistakes or fails on the first nail without taking off all the color.

  9. That is very faint. Only seen by you! Sorry for your break. The base color is gorgeous though.


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