Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NOTD: Ulta Bombshell

So, I decided to make this kind of unofficially 4th of July mani week.  I don't know if I'll manage the entire week LOL, but so far starting with my marble I have managed to keep to a red, white & blue color scheme.  Although this particular mani uses just the red, I think the holo glitter makes it holiday appropriate =)

Ulta Bombshell is a cherry red jelly with holo glitter throughout. Pictured is 3 coats, I can see VNL at certain angles so it probably would have benefited from a 4th coat, but it wasn't super-noticeable & I enjoyed it all day ... even though I was wearing this on Monday when I broke my nail.  It was horrible ... and yes I took pics =)  I have a naked nail post in the works, but I'm going to post the stash first.  Anyway, pics:

And, just because ... why not?  In motion:

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  1. Funny...I was wearing this on my toes last week, and I had a catastrophic toenail break. A break-happy polish. Lol.

  2. This is one of my fav. red glitters. Love it! :-)

    By the way, I just started a nail blog. Would love to have you follow, if you're interested. :-)


  3. omg this colour is <3

  4. very pretty are you really going to keep it on till the 4th? you KNOW we got that issue.

  5. I bought this after you poste Ulta Material Girl which is what I went to the store for. I wore it this past Saturday. I love this color.

  6. I came here looking for some dirty little secrets. . . . . lmao!! :)

    I NEEEEEEEEED this polish. I never go to Ulta but I might need to for this gem!

  7. Hi Colette, my name is Ludimyla and I am from Brasil.

    I watch your videos today for the first time and your work is very impressive and magic.

    And I want to try it.

    I make a tumblr to change experiences with polish nails: http://esmalteiras.tumblr.com/ but it´s not even close to your. It´s just for fun.

    Today I posted one of your videos there! =D

    Here in Brasil we have some cool brands of polish nails but nothing compare do china glaze or OPI. On this case, I envy you because here China Glaze for example cost around 10 dollars. =/

    Anyways, kkk... I love your blog and youtube!

    Congrats! =D

    (sorry for my stupid english!)


  8. Wonderful polish :) Sexy & bright, perfect on your nails :)


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