Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow ... Again =(

We are off to the snowiest start of winter since 1991 - which most who live in MN will recall was the Halloween blizzard.  I can vividly recall trick-or-treating through almost 3 feet of snow.  This weekend's storm takes the record for the most snow in a single day in December ... 17 inches in my neck of the woods.  Some of these were taken last night (the darker ones obviously LOL) some this morning.  It was really windy so there was a lot of duning & weird swirly things:

This is the alley after the plow went by ... still pretty shitty.  You can't tell, but that's a little  downward hill behind my car, lots of nice packed-in snow leveling it off =(

Snow piled high as my car after I got done shovelling it free - barely LOL, I should be able to get it out but I wasn't trying to do any extra.  And this is only one of the piles!

& the coolest swirly bit:

Yeah.  We could be done with snow now as far as I'm concerned, really.  Running out of places to put it!  But seems like usually when we get a lot of snow, it's just setting up for even MORE snow the rest of the winter.  To top it all off it's also super-cold now, so even if I were included to play in it, it's really too cold for that - the high today is 7, with wind chill at about -20.  I was out shovelling for a couple hours so I think I am inside for the day now.  I'll try to actually get a few things taken care of instead of just napping with a warm blanked =)

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  1. April 2002 where I lived (Alaska) we got 27 inches overnight so I feel your pain! I do miss the snow, it doesn't feel like the holidays without it lol. Stay warm!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snow! I'm happy the snow is fully gone in the Netherlands! (for now!)

  3. oh my god! last picture is a dream come true. we never have that nice snow here in istanbul, turkey. ı can just give my soul to roll, run walk, sleep, die in that snow. you're so lucky... :(((

  4. Thats a lot of snow! Here we have the earliest snow ever. It hasn't stopped since 3 weeks ago. I hope we don't get 17 inches.. I think 2 inches is already enough.

  5. i wish we've got snow too here in manila.. white christmas-- oh! i want you! =)

  6. Glad it's you and not me! Snow is beautiful to look at. Don't like to drive in it. I'm careful but others aren't so much. They drive so fast and take chances. The pictures are so pretty. I would'nt like the cold though.

  7. Oh sweetie! I remember those days...people would laugh when I told them we (family) just shoveled off the roof of our house. I grew up in Montana and remember clearly the days when the snot in your nose would freeze(the below zero days)but that wouldn't stop me from sledding and skiing. I now live in Las Vegas and today the weather was a Wonderful 77 in my backyard with the sun-one down fall to living in warm weather-gotta shave your legs year round ; ) Kimmer K

  8. My body is so sore from shoveling out of this snow storm. It really was incredible what happened with the wind! I really hope this is it, though. ;)

  9. As a girl who has never seen snow I am envious, over here in Australia it's looking like a sweltering Xmas once again! On the other hand, I have no concept of how cold snow ACTUALLY is so I could change my opinion after about 5 minutes!! still wanna build a snow man though :)


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