Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OPI Ulta Holiday Exclusives Comparison - 2010 vs. 2009

So, I think you guys know I'm not huge on swatches ... I like wearing polish, I even like changing it often, but I won't claim to like sitting down & changing it multiple times in a row LOL.  I have a couple nails wheels, but they are usually buried somewhere ... I had to do some digging to locate one for this post =)

Forgive me my lack of descriptive skills LOL.  I'm not used to getting this technical comparing polishes.  The color on the left for each comparison is from 2010, the right 2009.  There are no true dupes although we've got the same color palette for both collections.  All colors are 2 coats no top coat.  Let's start with All the Berry Best vs. Dreaming of Red:

These 2 are the closest, but still not dupes.  AtBB has a color shift, appearing to have a bluer tint at some angles & a bronze tint at others.  You can see it a little in the pics, but it was hard to capture.

Next is Gift of Gold vs. Dazzled by Gold:

GoG is an awesomely pigmented glitter.  I was kind of expecting it to need 4 coats or something but it looks fine at 2 (though I might wear 3 just for good measure).  GoG also has a touch of red glitter - DbG on the other hand has finer glitter in a silvery sheer base

And finally Plum Full of Cheer vs. Visions of Sugarplum:

PFoC has color shift at different angles, and VoS is much sparklier.  The camera actually makes the difference look more drastic with these two than it really is, VoS is not that blue in real life.  Are you planning to pick up this year's exclusives, or maybe already have your bottles?

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  1. it's funny how the collection is so similar to last years. thanks for the great comparisons. the first two look identical (to me).

    i hate i missed out on dBG. so lovely!

  2. Why did they even bother releasing a new collection they could have just re-released the old one. Pretty colours though.

  3. I love Gift of Gold, thanks for the comparison!!!

  4. Thanks for the comps. I wasn't into red last year and didn't pick up dreaming of red. I did pick up the 3 this year though. For some reason reds are growing on me :)

  5. Thanks for the great comparison. I don't own last years. Although I was dying to get Dazzled By Gold, I missed out. I think I'll skip these. They're pretty but nothing special.

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  7. Thanks for the comparisons! I don't have last year's set because I wasn't into nail polish at the time but I can see I certainly want this year's set, I hope my local Ulta has them in stock soon.

  8. Nice blog. I'm surprised you don't have a polish with my frat colors in it.


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