Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NOTD: L'Oreal B. Rebellious & "Black" Holo Comparison

This was one of my best ever Dollar Tree finds, from the Bijou Crystals line, L'Oreal B. Rebellious:
Here's a look at it in motion, super bling:
Now for the holo comparison.  I had to put black in quotation marks because, come on - we all call them black holos, and we all know they're not really.  I only have one actual black holo, that shows the lie of the others =)  Left to right:  Color Club Revvvolution, Icing Blackout, L'Oreal B. Rebellious, OPI My Private Jet:

And since I had a couple of extra nails on the wheel, I did my other 2 versions of MPJ also ... left to right is original MPJ, sparse holo MPJ, and (although the pic doesn't show it well) blue flash MPJ:
There are a few others I would like to add to my collection, like Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail charm - what's your favorite "black" holo?
Thanks for reading =)


  1. I have Revvvolution and MPJ (brownish looking one) and neither one looks as good as this L'oreal black holo. It is not on my to get list! Thanks for the wonderful comparison!

  2. Please give me your Dollar Trees. Every time I go to the ones in my area, I come out with nothing. :( So jealous of your luck!

  3. omg what luck for you to find that at a dollar tree my dollar is 15 min by car. and by the time I get there most of the stuff Makeup and nail polishes are GONE so here I'm wishing to have some of that luck to make a find at my dollar tree lol thanx for sharing Colette

  4. I love that polish. Really gorgeous. I have to buy MPJ no matter which one it is.

  5. Ooh, I love this one! Though Revvvolution is gorgeous, too.

  6. I love this one too!
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  7. what a beautiful nail polish!!
    I love it!!

  8. That's gorgeous! I wish the Bijou line was still around...I had a lovely green that I bought when I was still in middle school, and I finally used the whole bottle up. Sad.

  9. Nfu Oh GS 14 has a very similar true black base like Icing Blackout, but I like it better because it has much more holo glitter PACKED into it. It's one of those glitters that dries a tad gritty, but nothing some Gelous+Seche can't fix ;) It's so blingy! Love it ♥

  10. I like the Icing Blackout best. Black is so classic, good for summer or winter. Why are there no true black holos? Because the rest look gray or silvery?

  11. Have you tried Diamond Cosmetics' "Chainmail Charm"? It's much like Revvolution, but I find the holo effect in it is much more intense. :)

  12. How long ago was that find? Was it recent?


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