Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review: Kelier Nail Crack Polish

I was recently contact to do some reviews for Born Pretty - you can check out their shop at and they sell a variety of both cosmetics, nail polish & nail art supplies.  They sent me a variety of fun things to play with & the first thing I'm going to review is the Crack Polish.
A lot of you probably remember cracking polish from back in the day, and it recently has been making a comeback.  Jessica from Born Pretty sent me 2 colors, black & blue:
And I decided to give them a try over a variety of colors - I started out with each over red, green metallic & silver chrome:

I love the cracking effect, both with the big chunks & the one silver where I got a really fine crackle.  It seems to depend both on the application & the underlying polish - I gave it another try over gold & purple (although the purple looks pink in the pic) - the left nail of each had a pretty thin layer of the Crack Polish, the right nail had a slightly thicker coating:
So you can see, I would say the thinner the better.  Definitely would take a little bit of practice to get an even coat on all your nails, so that the whole manicure had a uniform level of cracking & not one nail with big chunks & the next with little bitty ones - unless that's a look you were going for.  Born Pretty has Crack polish in a variety of colors that you can check out HERE.
Only downside was when I tried to just apply over my existing mani, when it cracked it started to totally flake off before I could put a top coat on.  I think maybe my nails weren't quite clean enough?  Next time I try that I would make sure they're squeaky clean with alcohol or vinegar beforehand.
I also received some rhinestones & some stamping plates, so stay tuned for those reviews!  Thanks for reading =)
(These products were sent to me for review)


  1. wow, this cracking thing remind me when i was younger and i was crazy about it, never had one tho.

  2. I doupted if I want to buy this crackpolish..
    I saw her on ebay..
    but now I saw your review..
    I love it!!
    I am going to buy this!!
    thanks for you review!!

  3. I'm one that is looking forward to trying crackle. And I will stay tuned for rhinestones and stamping. :)

  4. I bought one of these polishes on ebay. It chips and flakes really quickly. A tip I can give you is that you don't want to put it over a clear topcoat. It's need to grab hold of the polish lying under it, even so I think it would do very well over a matt polish.

  5. Like the effect of these. Very interesting look. Can't wait till the OPI crackle polish comes out.

  6. i like the look of these kind of crackles better than the patchy separated ones. next time i place an order im definitely going to get one of these.

  7. I like crackle polishes.. think I'm going to buy some this week.

  8. i loved all the cookies n it is great to c that u all make it a family thing every thing looked so yummy. :-)

  9. I wish I could find these Kelier polishes ANYWHERE!


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